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Trans Talk

FAQ about Pronouns & Trans People

Everything you need to know about trans-inclusive pronoun use

Part 1: Trans Pronouns 101

Part 2: Practical Pronoun Skills

Part 3: Linguistic & Grammatical Issues


Thanks to those who added questions or gave feedback on this FAQ, including: Daniel Shor, Alex Mechanic, Kris Geda, Sameer ud Dowla Khan, Kyle Inselman, Scott Kiesling, and Rebecca Greene.



Language is a crucial element of trans people’s experience and a central component of trans liberation. This publication features academic analysis, activist interventions, and personal narratives that center the language of transgender communities.

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Lal Zimman

Sociocultural linguist, scholar of language and trans experience, faculty at UC Santa Barbara, and lover of political analysis in its many forms. (he/him/his)