FAQ about Pronouns & Trans People

Everything you need to know about trans-inclusive pronoun use

In the workshops I’ve conducted on trans-inclusive language, the aspect of language that provokes the most questions is always pronouns. In this FAQ I’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions in those spaces, along with additions from friends and colleagues. Feel free to suggest additional questions to be addressed, and I welcome feedback, especially from trans folks, on my answers.

This post contains a list of all the questions discussed in this FAQ; the actual answers are in 3 separate posts that you can reach via links below. Part 1 will introduce you to basic ideas pronouns and trans people. Part 2 addresses practical issues for implementing these principles. Part 3 focuses on more “advanced” questions concerning the linguistics of pronouns and related issues.

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Part 1: Trans Pronouns 101

Part 2: Practical Pronoun Skills

Part 3: Linguistic & Grammatical Issues


Thanks to those who added questions or gave feedback on this FAQ, including: Daniel Shor, Alex Mechanic, Kris Geda, Sameer ud Dowla Khan, Kyle Inselman, Scott Kiesling, and Rebecca Greene.