300+ Parents of Trans Kids to Senate: Don’t Let These Extremists Become Judges

An open letter opposing nominees Kyle Duncan and Matthew Kacsmaryk

We’re writing to you as parents, because we are worried about our children. We love our children, as we know many of you love your own children and grandchildren. We love them fiercely, and sometimes we fear for them. We want to tell you about our families, and how we love and fear for our children, because of the demeaning and dangerous rhetoric used about them by certain nominees for lifetime federal judgeships. Our children are transgender, and the rhetoric of nominees Kyle Duncan and Matthew Kacsmaryk about children like ours is appalling and unacceptable.

Mr. Duncan and Mr. Kacsmaryk have repeatedly promoted fringe, junk science about transgender people, claiming that gender identity doesn’t exist and that being transgender is a “delusion.”

We previously reached out to judicial nominee Jeff Mateer to express our alarm at his description of transgender children as proof of “how Satan’s plan is working.” We are pleased to see that Mr. Mateer and Stephen Schwartz (whose record is similar to Mr. Duncan’s) have not been renominated. However, we remain equally concerned about Mr. Duncan and Mr. Kacsmaryk their demeaning attacks on transgender children and adults. Both have repeatedly promoted fringe, junk science about transgender people, claiming that gender identity doesn’t exist and that being transgender is a “delusion.” These bogus claims have been rejected against and again by the nation’s major medical and mental health associations.

Moreover, their words are deeply offensive. Claiming that our children don’t exist is scarcely better than calling them part of “Satan’s plan.” Our children are not a delusion, and neither is our love and support for them. We believe our children are miracles, like every child. In our letter to Mr. Mateer we wrote:

As every reputable medical and pediatric association agrees, there is nothing wrong with being transgender, and children like ours can grow and thrive if they are loved and supported, just like their peers. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “transgender children fare much better when they feel supported by their family, school and larger community. Shaming children based on their gender identity or expression is harmful to their social-emotional health and may have lifelong consequences.”

We know this to be true because we have seen it with our own eyes. We have loved and supported our children through our own initial uncertainties about what it means to be transgender, through months or years of exploring their gender identity, through countless conversations with experts and other parents, through the fear — and for some of us the reality — of bullying from our children’s peers or even from adults, and through the relief and the joy of seeing our children be able to live their truth, be seen for who they are, and just be kids.

Unfortunately, we continue to fear for our children of the extreme as we see more nominees for lifetime federal judgeships with a long history of extreme and demeaning rhetoric toward anyone who is transgender, like our kids.

Confirming these nominees as federal judges would send a damaging and dangerous message that the dignity of children like ours does not count in the courts, or in the U.S. Senate.

Hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents throughout this country are transgender, like our kids. So are well over a million adults. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity — and to trust that when they walk into a courtroom they will be treated fairly. Confirming these nominees as federal judges would send a damaging and dangerous message that the dignity of children like ours does not count in the courts, or in the U.S. Senate.

Please, stand up for our children. Reject these nominees.

Sincerely, the undersigned

Jessica Girven, APO AE
Carol Loeb, AL
Albert Levensohn, AZ
Amy D’Arpino, AZ
Samantha Ewings, AZ
Susan Barrows, AZ
Barbara A Nasco, AZ
Chelsa Morrison, AZ
Andrew Morrison, AZ
Chris Lopez, AZ
S. Larsen, AZ
Mireille Cervelli, CA
Cristy Mereles, CA
E.M., CA
E.V.G., CA
Gwen Everman, CA
Felicity Jamison, CA
Jeri M., CA
Kari Bach, CA
Sarah Paredes, CA
Margaret Schultz, CA
Randy Bauer, CA
Robyne Ruterbusch, CA
Michelle Miller, CA
Rebecca S., CA
Bridget Mulcahey, CA
Donna Hoyt, CA
Crystal Hasinsky, CA
Krista Mcghee, CA
Elizabeth Lester, CA
Britt, CA
Mario Villarreal, CA
Jocelyn P., CA
Peggy K., CA
Sarah Markety, CA
Sara Villarreal, CA
Sarah Fregulia, CA
E. August, CA
Janna Barkin, CA
Keith Foy, CA
Dianna Mitzner, CA
Melanie McPherson, CA
Susan Thronson, CA
Nicki Bauer, CA
Turner, CA
Jill Clark, CA
Amy Muller, CO
Susan Wilcox, CO
Tanya, CO
Megan and Todd D., CO
Amanda Peters, CT
George Witkiewicz, CT
Maria Nieves, CT
Jennifer Poulsen, CT
Joan States, CT
Leslie Carman, CT
Lori Woehrle, DC
M Brennan, DC
Doreen Cunningham, DC
E Silva, DC
D.A., DC
Elle VanDyne, DC
Mom of 2 twins, DE
DeShanna Neal, DE
Cynthia Zdrojewski, DE
TJ Sheldon, DE
Amy M., DE
Silvia R.B., FL
Heather Renee, FL
Jennifer Dante, FL
Paul, FL
Shawn R., FL
Florida, FL
Belinda C., GA
Gloria M., GA
Jennifer, GA
Darcy L., GA
Kelly McAfee, GA
Darby K., GA
Marie, GA
G.M., GA
Dina Wenyworth, GA
Ann Seggerman, IA
Jennifer Hartman, IA
Shannon Mahoney, ID
Tina Baily, ID
Brenda Schweda, IL
B.C., IL
E.S.K., IL
Donna G., IL
Hallie Gordon, IL
Jennifer M., IL
Laura Nylen, IL
Kristina Carlson, IL
Kathy King-Watters, IL
Marcy Formigoni, IL
Terry Perez, IL
Molly Kay, IL
Natasha S., IL
Teresa Furham, IL
Winifred Curran, IL
Wendy, IL
Chrystie Ortega, IL
Alice Collins, IL
Alex G., IL
Elizabeth K. Rosso, IL
Elease C., IL
Evaleen Catrambone, IL
Candace Fehrenbacher, IL
F. Norl, IL
J.M., IL
Joel Schmerler, IL
Lisa Santiago, IL
Amy Braman, IL
Mary Day, IL
Mary Perez, IL
Michael F. Welninski, IL
Amy L. Parker, IL
Sarah Langley, IL
Samantha Nelson, IL
Patrick G., IL
Chris, IL
Laurie Nelson, IL
Robert Sullivan, IL
Susan Sullivan, IL
Kimberly Hannon, IN
Loving Parent, IN
Laura Weyburg, IN
Debbie Kellogg, KS
Cassandra Peters, KS
Iris Gladstone, KY
Ann Dragsbaek, MA
Linda Healy, MA
Jennifer, MA
Kitty Flynn, MA
Katherine J, MA
Vanessa Ford, MA
John, MA
Massachusetts, MA
B. Maynard, MA
Lonnie Chu, MA
Sara Hunter, MA
G McManus, MA
Sabrina R., MA
AJ Hoffman, MA
Laurie, MA
Mimi Lemay, MA
Maryland Parent, MD
Julia Dubner, MD
Karen McLaren, MD
Jane D., MD
Lionel, MD
Lynn Brennan, MD
Mark Roberts, MD
Nicola van Kuilenburg, MD
Julie Greenstein, MD
Sarah Watson, MD
Sabrina R. Smith, MD
Brian Watson, MD
Worried Mom, MD
Joy Christakis, MD
C. Sullivan, MD
Sam, MD
Sarah Watson, MD
Wendy F., MD
Nissa Thurman Quill, MD
Christine Lillard, MD
Jaime Moore-Atkinson, ME
Jennifer Robinson, MI
Sarah J. Tchoryk, MI
Wendie Dillehay, MI
Kathrine M. Kraft, MI
Krista K. Anderson, MI
Mary Benson, MI
Mary OBrien, MI
Honoure Stark, MI
Lela U., MI
M.S.K., MI
Stubby Golob, MI
Peter Tchoryk, MI
Becky OKeefe, MN
Carolyn Geis, MN
Alison Morris, MN
Kay, MN
Dawn Acero, MN
Hannah Edwards, MN
S.R.M., MN
Jill Boogren, MN
Jennifer Berryman, MN
Julie, MN
Pam Robbins, MN
Shawna Hoeppner, MN
Ann Simmons, MN
CJ Lans, MO
Jessie Shirrell, MO
Mayumi Jones, MO
Amber Gilleylen, MO
Vicki Chaffin, MO
Allan Riddel, MO
Nancy Riddel, MO
Kelly Sparrow, MO
Debi Jackson, MO
Tom Jackson, MO
E.Lowe, MT
Michelle Sanchez, MT
Kathryn Smith, MT
Deborah Gilgor, NC
Jessica Randolph, NC
Katie Jenifer, NC
Karen G., NC
Ashley N., NC
Rev. Nanette de Andrade, NC
Leslie Cohen, NC
Rebecca C., NC
Britt Cloudsdale, NC
J. Duwve, NC
J.P., NC
Rebecca Nelson, NC
Christine Shaffer, NC
Kris, NE
Jan Heirtzler, NH
Diana George, NH
B. Marrocco, NH
Julia Gabs, NH
Adrienne Stevens, NJ
Coleen Sullivan, NJ
Kalpana Sheth, NJ
Madhu Sheth, NJ
Jamie Bruesehoff, NJ
Rev. Christopher Bruesehoff, NJ
Michele Mazakas, NJ
Concerned parent, NJ
Laurie McLaughlin, NJ
Courtney Rodarte, NV
James Blake, NV
Gayl, NV
L. Pheglel, NV
Brenda Marworth, NY
Susan Connelly, NY
Bobbi M. Bittker, NY
Emily Kettling Grote, NY
Francesca Vitali, NY
Jess D., NY
Joy Southern, NY
Mara Fojas, NY
Rebecca Martin, NY
Kathryn Fox, NY
Georgi Persons, OH
Melissa McLaren, OH
Anne R., OH
Barbara Spear, OH
Dana Johnson, OH
Rose Wendt, OH
Melissa Stone, OH
Phil R., OH
Jaime S., OH
Eddie S, OH
Kimberly Diana Chambers, OH
Melissa Marie, OH
Dena Philips, OR
Jean Horn, OR
Holly Bartell, OR
Christopher Yeager, OR
Colleen Yeager, OR
Jennifer Schumacher, OR
April, PA
McDaniels, PA
Katherine R, PA
Melissa DeStefano, PA
Nicole H., PA
Suzy McCollum, PA
Kristin Callowyn, PA
Kristin Lesho, PA
Lucas M. Miller, PA
Jennifer Smith, PA
Nicole M., PA
Paulette Hakes, PA
Laurie A., SC
Rafael Martin-Navas, SC
Rebecca Brock, TN
Crystal Yamazaki, TN
Dawn Bennett, TN
Alisa Miller, TX
Elishia Featherston, TX
Frank Gonzales, TX
Melissa Ballard, TX
Tania Vargas, TX
Tom M., TX
Finn Hope, TX
Amber Briggle, TX
Adam Briggle, TX
John Armstrong, UT
William Robbins, UT
Rixt Luikenaar, UT
Maria Garcia, UT
Liz Matthews, VA
Lynn White, VA
M. Q. Gomez, VA
Kate Simon, VA
Susan Hayden, VA
Susanna Bedser, VA
Amanda Maddox, VA
Amy Sanders, VA
Jennifer Z., WA
Rochelle Long, WA
Long family, WA
Signe Nelson, WA
Irene Pasternack, WA
Tiffany Kelly, WA
Embracing Hope, WI
E.J.A., WI
Sarah Mutschlecner, WI
Anne U., WI
Jeannine Tobias, WI
Jodi Kiffmeyer, WI



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