The flash in her eye, the sting of her tears,

The pain she has felt for the past 40 years,

She stood at the casket and sighed in relief.

He isn’t worth a short moment of grief.

Now she can move on, the monster is dead,

She can take back her life , slay the demons in her head

He stole her innocence, her childhood, her soul.

The abuse that she suffered has taken its toll

She protected her children, they never knew,

The grandpa they lost, or what she went through.

She watches the casket, it’s lowered into the dirt,

She will feel no more pain, he is not worth her hurt.

He raped her, he beat her….A thief in the night ,

As she lay in her bed, a small child, in fright

A father should love, nurture and adore,

Not keep secrets, or harm her, not molest her, and more.

So she stands at his gravesite, where he will eternally be,

She will start a fresh life, she will finally be FREE