My Wonderful Near-Death Experience

By Lorrie Norris

Jen (HOPE ASAP grief support group) asked me to share my story and since tomorrow I’ve been out of the hospital for a month, I think it’s time to share. Also, I’m having a fairly good day with my memory.

My son Michael

On December 10, I had a brain aneurysm and stroke. I had an emergency brain surgery on December 11 at 2 am, after being flown to UT medical center in Knoxville TN, and was on life support and not expected to live. If I did, they said I would more than likely need full-time care.

For two days I was with Michael, yes I was with my son! I was so happy! We were in a totally white room, I was told that is to keep you focused on the message so there are no distractions.

I argued with Michael for two days about not wanting to go back. He kept telling me that his brothers and dad needed me and it was not my time. I told him I couldn’t live being a vegetable and it was not fair to them to have to care for me for the rest of my miserable life. Michael said everything will be okay.

This went on for two days. We talked about his brothers Joe and Eutah, we talked about my grandchildren, and we talked about his father. He told me I’m not finished yet and it’s not my time, that I have things left to do, but he could not tell me what.

Let me tell you, after being unsuccessful for almost a week with weaning me off life support, they on the third day pulled the breathing tubes and I began breathing on my own, I was unconscious for five more days and they at that time told my family I might never wake up.

On the seventh day I woke up, glanced around the room seeing my youngest son Eutah sitting on my left side holding my hand looking exhausted (he and my oldest son had not left my side for a solid week at that point). My oldest son Joe was pacing the room on the phone also looking exhausted.

Please excuse my language, I could not figure out where I was so my first words were “Where the fuck am I and why the fuck am I here?” I was last in that white room with Michael then thrown into a room I was not sure about.

Eutah hollered to Joe, “Mom’s awake!” and Joe got off the phone and started explaining where I was and why.

I have severe short term memory loss, I don’t remember much about my three-week hospital stay, but I clearly remember my visit with Michael and waking up to my other two son’s and feeling such a warmth in my heart that I cannot explain.

I know as a fact I will be reunited with Michael when it’s my time, I just have to figure out what is left for me to do in this crazy world. The pain of losing Michael is still there, but it is not as intense as it was and my love for him is intense.

If you get anything from my story, I pray you get hope, peace, and the knowledge that your loved one is watching over you and you will be with them again one day. I love each and every one of you and pray you get peace in you very hearts and souls.

P.S. I do not need full-time care, I have limits and restrictions but am fully capable of taking care of myself as Michael promised.