Our Loss, the Tragedy

by Ricardo D Oliveira

What does it do,
Does it take away,
Or add to you. 
Much we know, much we knew, all that we thought we should do,
Falls away. 
People will see things in you, you just don’t. 
Many will walk away. 
Some will be drawn to you.

The baggage of life, the games we acquire, no longer have space.
The pieces fall away. 
Our souls left naked, our honest selves apparent. 
Those in same place recognize, and find the need, 
safe comfort in this place to be.

To those not in pain, we’re foreigners, to us they are strangers. 
Relationships dissolve. 
We understand that without understanding. 
We offer comfort by just our existence.
The place we stand helps another to breath.

We walk in a twilight. A place in between. What is real, and that unseen. 
Lonely and quiet, yet noise unbearable. 
Only the broken, only those who have lost 
Can give embrace to the fractured soul. 
Embrace the fractured soul.