The Need to Reconnect With Nature

We have become so disconnected from nature that we fail to see death and loss as a natural part of life.

The meditation pond I visit daily to reconnect with nature

Remember who you are, remember that you are a part of nature and that in nature, nothing is permanent. Death, loss, and destruction are a part of life, an inevitable part of life that needs to be embraced and accepted.

Living in our heavily technological society specialized in selling us illusions, the ideal versions of ‘perfect’ life as devoid of reality as possible, has crippled and lulled us into a false a sense of entitlement. Instead, we should feel humility in the face of Nature and its brutal force of destruction that can only be matched by its enormous capacity to create life.

As an inspiration, I recommend reading the following essay on Goddess Kali, the Hindu goddess of death, and trying to grasp its potent symbolism:

We have so much to learn from the old cultures of the East when it comes to understanding nature. They were much more in tune with it than our society has been for the last hundred years, if not longer.

As soon as one is born, one is already sentenced to death. As my best friend likes to put it, ‘life is a terminal condition.’ The sooner we become aware and learn to accept this fact, the better. Only by accepting death as an inevitable part of life, we can start living a full and meaningful life.

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Mateja graduated summa cum laude in psychology from Arizona State University and is working as a grief counselor at Transform the Pain. She has been through several losses herself and has survived a couple of brushes with death.