“You’re frumpy and old”, is what she’d been told.

“You can’t do anything,” his harsh words would ring,

Inside of her head and inside her heart,

She knew she was strong, she knew she was smart.

She made it her mission to prove he was wrong.

She built up a wall, she sang her own song.

Behind her dark eyes and her injured soul,

She fought his cruel words, they’d taken their toll.

“No more”, she declared, “I’m better than that”

“I’m not stupid, or clumsy, or ugly or fat”,

She escaped from his grasp, and left him behind

A freedom, a new self, a new her, she’d find.

On her new road alone, a new love she found,

In the mirror, she saw her, now safe and sound.

“Don’t ever look back; he will hurt you no more”

She reminded herself, as she locked her new door

She lies in her bed, she’s finally free…

That was then, this is now, she is here,