Take It One Day at a Time — Tips for Coping With Loss #2
Mateja Klaric

When my oldest daughter died I spent a week walking the road and trails yelling at her. If I lived in a town someone would have been looking to lock me up. I thought I had a lot of my grief and anger worked out but when I went back to work they had two new people a woman named Cheryl, my daughters name and a man named Bob, her husbands name.

Now I walked the roads and drove my car while yelling at her and telling her we were going to do some serious talking next time I see her

When my husband died I chewed him out too but within four days of his death I had carpel tunnel surgery, then I was off to three more surgeries in the next three months. I’m not sure if I grieved for him during that time. I’m not sure about anything from that time in my life but once I started taking notice my husband was making visits in my dreams and his presence was felt as strongly as if he’d never left. It’s been 2 1/2 years now and my husband and daughter, along with a few dead friends show up almost nightly