It’s Just A Name…

I thought I knew her. I was wrong.

I’ve always prided myself in knowing someone’s name. In fact, I often find myself pushing this personal value on other people. I have a few sets of friends who I’ve apparently introduced to each other about 10 times. Oh well, at least they know their names.

When I first opened my fitness business, I made it a point to say hello to our members and introduce them to one another.

On one occasion a new member joined our gym and was talking to my mom. I introduced them to each other by simply saying, “This is Ginger.”

As their conversation continued, my mom referred to the new lady by her name, Ginger. About the same time the new lady referred to my mom as Ginger. Almost simultaneously they responded, “I’m not Ginger. I thought you were Ginger.”

I had the wrong name, and introduced the new member incorrectly.

The new lady was Crystal, not Ginger. My mom’s name is Karol, not Ginger. But somehow for at least 5 minutes they mistakenly lived by another name.

As funny as the story is, it sadly happens a the time. We may never mistakenly be called Ginger, but I’m willing to bet we are answering to the wrong name on a daily basis. Worse yet, we are the ones starting the introductions.

IDIOT! STUPID! LOSER! FAILURE! WORTHLESS! Do any of these names ring a bell? If we listen closely it’s what our inner voice often tries to call us. It happens to all of us (If not, then this is an extremely embarrassing story and I need to seek help immediately).

Somehow we know these names aren’t true but we continue live by them on a daily basis. We may not say them out loud, but they are there. It often takes just a small mistake or accident for us to grab the “Hello, My name is….” sticker and fill in the blank with failure, worthless, etc. and stick it to our chest for all the world to see.

As a parent, nothing saddens me more than to see my kids demean themselves. To hear them speak negatively about themselves or something they’ve done breaks my heart. I just want to run to them, scoop them up and say, “You are my child. You are worth more than you will ever know. I love you”

BELOVED! CHOSEN! These are just a few of the names we are told God calls us in the Bible. Beloved means: much loved or dearly loved. Chosen means: being selected as the best. This is what we are told the God, who created all of the universe calls us. Beloved…Chosen. That seems like a far cry from loser and worthless.

Each day we have a choice to claim a name. There are lots of them out there. Often times it’s the voices inside us that are the most condemning. It’s very easy to grasp hold of a false name and wear around for days, weeks and sadly, years on end.

But just like my mom and Crystal, there comes a time when we must take a stand and proclaim who we really are (and are not). There was no Ginger in the conversation at my gym. And there are no loser, idiots or failures reading this story.

We are chosen. We are beloved. We are children of an Almighty God. That’s who we really are. No other name will do.

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