Corbyn and Sanders have inspired a generation. But is it a good thing?

They have inspired a generation.

Over the past 2 years the rise of populism has been growing on both sides of the political divide, the centre-ground has been torn apart and neo-liberal ideas are a thing of the past. The 2007–08 financial crash meant that Liberalism lost the trust of the people.

On the right we have seen the rise of UKIP and other far-right anti immigration parties across Europe, as well as the rise of Donald Trump in America. This has led to the UK leaving the EU and the former host of the Apprentice USA is now sat in the White House. This has all been created off fear and xenophobic hatred towards poor, desperate and vulnerable migrants.

Though on the left, there is a message of ‘hope’. A message that has inspired millions out to vote, that has engaged young people into politics and a message that change is possible. This is the best chance the left has had since the 1940's.

In the USA the rise of Bernie Sander’s has been immense. He is a self-described Socialist, a man of the people and has galvanised the support of the majority of young Americans. He’s is the most successul Socialist that America has ever seen and the big corporations and Lobbyist’s are worried. His rise has been the result of falling wages and is promising to reintroduce positive tax reform that was stopped in 1986. This would give tax credits to million’s of the poorest of Americans. His progressive agenda put’s people before profit, unlike the fear mongering anti-migrant agenda the Republicans are proposing under President Donald Trump. He has changed the Political Landscape in the States forever.

Meanwhile in the UK the rise of Jeremy Corbyn has shocked the Political Establishment, just like when the rise of UKIP and Brexit shook them the year before. His rise has happened as the UK has suffered the longest squeeze in wages since the Napoleonic era, where the NHS is being privatised and where Austerity has forced public sector workers like Nurses to food banks to survive. This is all happening at the same time that the Tories are giving tax breaks to the wealthiest and handing out banker’s bonuses of up to £4 billion. As well as voting down a amendment to scrap the 1% pay cap on public sector, which many critics see as the Tories once again taking advantage of the public sector workers good nature. Most importantly though, Corbyn has offered people hope, hope of a better and fairer Britain, For the many not the few.

Though only time will tell if they are is any credibility behind there policies.

Both these leaders are similar, they both portray and preach the same message of hope. They are both enemies of the establishment, but heroes of the people. They both fight for the working class, and both have unveiled and showed the broken class system of there respective countries and show that change is needed now.

Austerity has been a key factor in the rise of populism.