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Jan 30 · 3 min read

Ask these 4 questions to know if you are making Transformative Tech:

1) Are you working on the Future of Work, Future Humans, or Future Basics (able to deal with stress, anxiety, etc.)

2) What problem are you solving?

You are making Transformative Tech, if you are using technology to help humans:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and fear
  • Develop strong self-awareness, resilience, sense of happiness, and social skills and emotional wellness
  • Embody purpose, surpass self-actualization, increase joy, increase calm, or elevate consciousness
  • Expand mental and emotional intelligence
  • Experience transformation and deep connection

If your tech product:

  • Supports mental health, wellbeing or joy — or any exploration inward to improve the human experience — it is Transformative Tech.
  • Is helping people Get Future Ready by teaching social-emotional skills or deepening self-awareness and emotional self-regulation — it is Transformative Tech.

If you are a neuroscientist, behavioral scientist, or engineer using technology to address these areas — you are making Transformative Tech.

3) Are you using Exponential Technology to support human possibility?

You are making Transformative Tech, if you are using exponential tech in the following ways to solve problems in #1 [this list is not exhaustive]:

  • AI & Robotics — Pattern Recognition (Behavior, Mood, Learning) / Emotion Recognition (Face, Voice, NLP) / Compassionate, Supportive or Attentive AGI & ChatBots / Depression Bots / Coach Bots / Diagnosis @ Scale / Comparative Psychological Models + Unique Personalization / Comfort Elder Robot Attendants / Digital Friends
  • Networks & Computing Systems — Massive Psychological Data Sets / Ubiquitous Tracking of Life Data / Proliferation and Virtualization of Sensors for Behavior and Emotion Tracking / Smarter IOBT (Internet of Better Things) / Smart Houses @ Smart Cars to Monitor & Support Psychological Growth & State/ Uploads / Digital Behavior Twins / Affective Computing / Persuasive Computing
  • Medicine and Neuroscience — Age of the Brain & The Mind (mutually reinforcing, insight in one adds insight to another) / Brain Research / Neurotech / Neuro-Enhancement / Neurostim / Group Neurodata Syncs/ Psychological Tech / Behavior Change / Digital Selfie & Life + Behavior Data Integration / Vagus Nerve / Aspirational Avatars / Happiness Engineering / Augmentation / Digital Replikas
  • Biotechnology & Bioinformatics — DNA — Brain and Gut / Depression and DNA / Glucose & Mood / Food & Mood / Biome and Behavior + Psychology / Design — Biostim / Group Biodata Synch / Bio-design
  • Nanotechnology & Digital Fabrication — Sensor miniaturization for monitoring & support / Personalized devices and sensors / Augmentation
  • Energy & Environmental Systems — Mentally and emotionally supportive cities, offices, and homes via light, sound, smell, power / Home AI for everything
  • AR & VR — Immersive & Layered Personal and Social Development Experiences
  • Blockchain — Digital EMR for Psychological Data / Blockchain to Track Wellbeing / Blockchain to incentivize behavior change

4) Are you using technology as a method of change for mental health, emotional wellbeing, and human thriving?

You are making Transformative Tech, if you are using the following methods of change to address problems in #1 [this list is not exhaustive, see chart below]:

  • Sensor Tech (Wearables, Hearables, Remote / Environmental)
  • Data Tech (AI, Big Data, Real Time Analytics)
  • NeuroTech (EEG, fMRI)
  • Neurostim Tech (tXCS, tRNS, DBS, CNS, TUS, FUS, TMS)
  • Biofeedback Tech (EDA, Heart, Temp, Breath)
  • Bio Tech (Genetics, Biome)
  • Biostim Tech (Vagus Nerve, Peripheral Nerves)
  • Perception Tech (VR, AR)
  • Sleep Tech (Monitoring, Improvement)
  • Healthy Spaces Tech (Design, IOT, Air, Water, Lighting, Materials)
  • App Tech (Gaming, Gamification, Apps, Social, Behavior)

Transformative Technology

Technology for Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Joy

Nichol Bradford

Written by

Nichol Bradford. Building the Future of Human Possibility by leveraging Tech for Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Joy.

Transformative Technology

Technology for Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Joy

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