New Transit 360 Website

An upgraded site for an upgraded app

We needed to make changes to the Transit 360 website to reflect all of the upgrades in version 5.0, released in June, so it was the perfect opportunity to give the site a full makeover.

Commuters who are looking for public transit apps tend to be on the move, therefore the site is mobile optimized and can easily be accessed from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. When a commuter arrives on our site they are given quick and easy access to a list of supported cities, a link to the App Store to download Transit 360 onto their iPhone, and descriptions of our key features. For those interested in learning more about the app, we have the blog, an FAQ section and a link to customer support.

The highlights

A fresh coat of paint and visual design. Our website now feels more at home with our brand than ever before. Look and feel are consistent across our website and app and we chose imagery that thoughtfully showcases the features of Transit 360.

New functionality was added to the site by embedding our new feedback and support system. We did this to provide commuters fast access to frequently asked questions and the ability to provide us with feedback on how to improve.

The blog page links to our posts here on Medium and allows us to talk about the app, its development, and all things transit in more detail and to more people than ever before.

We’ve included a list of all the cities we support and the ability to request a city be added to the app. We’ve been busy keeping up. We received over 200 requests in the first week alone!

click here for a full list of supported cities

Stay up to date with new features, new cities that we support and other great transit news by following us on Twitter @transit360, Facebook, our website and on Medium.

Transit 360 is available for free in the App Store or at

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