Transit 360, The Blog

a.k.a. Why Medium

We are so excited about the upgrades we made to Transit 360 in version 5.0 — we’ve improved the app’s design, added some fantastic new features, and made it available to many more daily commuters — we want everyone to know about them! So we are casting our nets a lot wider.

One way we are reaching more people is this blog, which will allow us to talk about the app, its development, and all things transit in more detail than ever before. More detail is great, but how do we reach more people? Remember, the goal is for everyone to know about Transit 360 — and that is why we have chosen to host our blog as a publication on Medium.

Hosting our blog on Medium makes it easy to update and share, but the real benefit of the platform comes from their commitment to network value. Readers on Medium actively seek out great content. They can follow publications and authors, make comments within documents, highlight text they find particularly interesting, and see these interactions made by people they follow. Casting the net wider and wider, we are finding people with a real interest in what we offer.

“There is no doubt that something published on Medium has a higher likelihood to find an audience than the same thing published on an untrafficked island on the web.” says Ev Williams, CEO of Medium.

What are the chances that you would have found or read this article if it were hosted strictly on our website? And it is on our website. Every time we publish something here on Medium, it will automatically populate on our new website.

Stay tuned to hear more about all of our new features and to stay up to date with Transit 360. Follow us on Twitter @transit360, Facebook, our website and on Medium.