One less tap for man…
one giant leap
for transit riders.

What is time? Time is money. Time is freedom. Time is scarce.

That’s why waiting feels like torture. That’s why we put watches on our wrists, not in our pockets. That’s why when you’re sprinting down the final corner towards a photo finish — every tenth-of-a-second matters.

Lucky for you, comrade, we have something to put your time woes to rest:

Introducing Transit App for Apple Watch.

It’s not every day that developers get the chance to build something for a completely new platform. And we think that the Apple Watch might just be the ideal platform for us.

When you use Transit App, you’re usually in a rush. And when you’re in a rush, all you want to know is when your ride is coming — the rest is just noise.

Now, with Transit App for Apple Watch, getting that information will be easier than ever.

Sure, it’s not so difficult to pull your phone out of your pocket. But it’s while we’re in transit that those seconds matter most.

Imagine going from tapping your smart card when boarding — back to showing paper tickets to your driver? Or from trusty unlock buttons on cars — to inserting and turning keys? There would be riots! OK, maybe not riots.

But it’s the subtle changes we take for granted that ultimately make transit (and life) much more convenient. And that’s what good design is: removing the friction between desire and fulfillment.

With Transit App for Apple Watch, all of that friction is gone. No matter where you are, you will have instant access to departure times for nearby routes — on hand at all times. Sprinting for the bus? Need to know which route is leaving soonest? Don’t want to interrupt your game of Candy Crush? We’ve got your back.

And if you’re lost? Simply tap the Take Me Home button to get back on track, without having to pull out your phone and stall on the sidewalk to type in an address. You’ll be homeward bound in no time.

We are honoured to be among the first apps available for the Apple Watch, and hope that our Apple Watch-wearing users in 90+ supported cities will find Transit App more helpful than ever.

Most of all, we’re excited to see how wearable tech begins to change the face of transportation. Because as far as that goes, we’re just getting started…

Transit App will be available in the Apple Watch App Store on April 24th.
Can’t wait? Download Transit App for
iPhone and Android