Keep your hands clean as a peach! Transit now sells touch-free bus fares in Montréal 🍑✨

You can now purchase fares for STM, RTL, STL, and exo buses — as well as BIXIs! — with one account in Transit

Sep 1, 2020 · 3 min read

We live in a time where every mundane outing is injected with so much stress. The pocket-tap to make sure you’ve got your phone and keys? It now includes a quick check for face masks (and that leaky bottle of hand sanitizer that smells like gasoline-infused tequila).

The ultimate in mundane? Realizing there’s no “PayPass” at a store — and having to jab your PIN number into those greasy keypads. Or guiltily swapping change with a cashier because you have cash and, hey, it’s legal tender.

Well look at us now. A feature we’ve been improving for years (in-app ticketing for local transit agencies) is now getting pick-up in many new cities. Yes, being able to purchase a bus pass from your couch is a splendid convenience — but in these bizarre times it’s now imbued with a sense of civic responsibility too. It keeps both drivers and riders safe, limiting contact between them while boarding.

Today’s ticketing launch for the ARTM (yes that means you, Montréal 🏄‍♀️) came about because of the pandemic — and it means that bus riders for the STM, RTL, STL, and exo buses can now purchase a fare within our app Transit. You can use the same ticket to pull off bus-to-bus transfers, even across different agencies’ buses.

No metro tickets, or metro transfers 🤞, but if your commute is “bus only” you can now purchase a single trip fare — without worrying about finding exact change for the 55. Without loading up your OPUS card at a metro kiosk or dep. Or one of those novelty OPUS USB card reader things.

This solution is easy. Tap tap tap. Your fare is paid — just show your phone to the driver 🤙

Real Transit-heads will understand where this is going: Montréalers now have one app to plan and pay for “bus + BIXI” trips. The first time you make a purchase in Transit, you get your own ✨Transit account✨ which lets you buy passes for both bikeshare and public transit. Not just in Montréal but in 20 other cities too — without downloading another app or fishing out your credit card.

It’s just like Uber or Lyft: you create an account once and pay without thinking. Except buses and bikes are way cooler than taxis, come on ;)


Building better cities through better transit.

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