Monday’s MTA Meltdown Results In a Flurry of Twitter Rants

The MTA is stepping up its Twitter game.

Today, the MTA’s Twitter reps were put to the test. After 11 train lines were delayed and, in some cases, suspended entirely, riders took to social media to demand answers, seek updates, and sometimes just to rant. The Monday Meltdown may have been inconvenient for customers, but the result was Twitter gold. Here are some of the day’s top tweets from unhappy riders throughout the city.

Around 8:30 a.m., the MTA tweeted that there were service changes to eight lines due to signal problems. Later, they added power failures, sick passengers, and rail conditions on three other lines to the pile.

The MTA offered options, including bus options and alternate routes. Some riders proposed more immediate solutions:

According to a study by the Independent Budget Office, subway delays cost New Yorkers $864,000 a day in lost work time. Many riders wanted some proof to give to teachers and employers:

Riders weren’t just late for work. There were plenty of important places to get to:

Some riders are discontented with the MTA’s priorities. As an example, many customers are frustrated with the Enhanced Station Initiative, a nearly $1 billion project to renovate old stations with LED lighting, granite floors, WiFi, and public art.

There were calls for revolution:

But not everyone was displeased with subway service this morning. In fact, some took to Twitter, looking for love:

This article will be updated throughout the day with the best and most brash twitter rants we can find. Stay tuned!

Don’t worry, DJ Sly. We got you.