The Debut of The #ZMill and Transitioning 2 Womanhood with Ms. Michelle

Community Restoration Specialist Michelle Broadnax will debut her latest podcast, Transitioning 2 Womanhood with Ms. Michelle on Thursday, February 13th, 2020. An inspirational speaker author and strategist, Broadnax, affectionately known as Ms. Michelle, is leveraging the airwaves, technology, and her international network of successful women entrepreneurs to mentor and bring real socio-economic solutions to a special community of young women at a unique time in their lives.

The podcast serves young women ages 18 to 30 who we call the #ZMill, a mix of Generation Z and Millennials.

Young women 18–20 the #ZMill Tune into Transitioning 2 Womanhood w Ms. Michelle 2nd & 4th Thurs 9pm EST on Master Griot Radio
Ms. Michelle leverages the airwaves to provide real mentoring, networking, and revenue opportunities to young women ages 18–30 (the #ZMill)

Age 18 to 30 is the true age of transitioning to adulthood, not reproductively, but professionally, legally, socially, and mentally. This age timeframe is both exciting and scary with so many transitions and decisions that will truly impact the rest of one’s life. The need for minority women to have Minority Mentors is vital!

During this age young women are transitioning from legally being a child to legally being an adult. From a senior in high school to a freshman in college. Having to choose a career, a work path, or at the very least earn money to live. They are experiencing the transition of entering the workforce as an adult with different taxation, work guidelines, protection, and expectations. They’re entering new relationships with new levels of freedom, but not necessarily the experience to navigate these new social and professional relationships. Graduating from school to becoming a newbie professional. Finding one’s soulmate, getting married, starting families, businesses and more.

Transitioning 2 Womanhood helps the #ZMill successfully navigate these transitions. On and off-air Ms. Michelle missions to go beyond talking about mentorship to providing real mentorship, networking, revenue opportunities, internships and more.

LIVE Thursday 13 Feb 2020 9pm EST / 8pm CST / 6pm PST
Call In (563) 999–3744 to listen or press #1 to share

The series kicks-off with special guest Dr. Monique C. Johnson. Dr. Johnson is a career coach, diversity consultant, speaker and founder of Dr. MCJ Consulting.

Dr. Monique C. Johnson

Ms. Michelle has partnered with Master Griot / NBBTA Radio to produce and distribute the podcast. Where mentorship matters, Transitioning 2 Womanhood with Ms. Michelle airs live every 2nd and 4th Thursday and on-demand every 3rd and 1st Thursday on Spotify. Tune in as Ms. Michelle guides and empowers you with:

• interviews and spotlights inspirational women entrepreneurs
• real apprenticeship and volunteer projects
• how-to lessons to develop working relationships with other dynamic women and
• discussions on topics like self-love, spirituality, health, and healing.

Where Mentorship Matters!

Not only will you find the podcast live and on-demand here on Medium, but you may also listen anytime you choose on your favorite podcast platform including iTunes, Spotify, iHeart, Deezer, Castbox.FM, Spreaker, Blogtalkradio, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spreaker, PlayerFM, Mixcloud, and Youtube.


Transitioning 2 Womanhood with Ms. Michelle launches on Black Love Day the official “wholyday” observance of atonement, reconciliation, celebration and 24-hour demonstration of Black Love. Black Love is demonstrated through 5 tenets, 5 loving acts for:

  1. The Creator
  2. Self
  3. The Black Family
  4. The Black Community
  5. The Black Race
Join Transitioning 2 Womanhood with Ms. Michelle and Master Griot Radio in celebrating Black Love Day!

Transitioning 2 Womanhood is our demonstration of love for the community. Please, join us in demonstrating love by tuning in and asking your network to do the same. Learn more about Black Love Day here

Comment below with any challenges you have as a women 18 to 30 years old or challenges you had transition when you were between 18 and 30.



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