Transmute Industries Launches Javascript Event-Sourced Interface for Ethereum Blockchain

Austin, TX — June 22, 2017 — Transmute Industries, a blockchain development start-up based in Austin, TX, officially launched the Transmute Framework — an MIT Licensed event-sourced framework for Ethereum blockchain dApp development.

The Transmute Framework encompasses an “EventStore” which drastically simplifies Ethereum development by providing a workflow for existing JavaScript developers who are familiar with Redux. This enables JavaScript developers to become proficient with smart contracts without knowing solidity or standard blockchain development tooling.

The EventStore is a common design pattern that enables developers to annotate their contracts and leverage state management capabilities powered by Redux. Helping to power the EventStore, ReadModels are derived from events and represent views of the state of your smart contract.

Additionally, a persistence layer provides caching and encryption for storing read models off the chain which mitigates the excessive [and now unnecessary] expense incurred by reading from the chain frequently.

“The commercial interest in Ethereum is at its highest, and the question is no longer whether adding blockchain is a good investment for businesses to make — the question is how to adopt it. Our framework effectively bridges the rift between the existing developer workforce and industry’s ability to integrate blockchain technology and smart contracts,” says Karyl Fowler, CEO, Transmute Industries.

Eric Olszewski, COO added, “Our primary objective right now is to get as many developers using the framework, so we can optimize the codebase based on feedback and build the workforce required to address the needs of the market.”

About Transmute Industries

Transmute Industries is a blockchain infrastructure development firm formed to accelerate the commercialization of application-agnostic developer tools for Ethereum.

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