The Islam has failed in civilisation

The Islam does not belong to Europe or the US in its current state of cultural practice

The Islam does not belogn to Europe. As the freedom, the core of European Enlightment is alien to the Islam.

Every human, no matter what race or religion they belong to, can as an individual feel at home in Europe, provided he accepts and integrates the essential values ​​of European civilization. They were fought for centuries in heavy fighting between state and religion, between the individual and society, between philosophy, science, art and faith.

The core of the European Enlightenment is the freedom of the individual. This freedom is the highest of goods, it is accompanied by the freedom to provide eligible handed down to choose a different life than the one prescribed by the collective. This freedom was often paid with many human lives.

People have been burned at the stake, condoning torture, persecution and murder. We know that “progress in spirituality” is a two way street, that the European Enlightenment regressions were often more powerful than the progress that barbarism was always and everywhere a reality.

Nevertheless, on this idea of ​​civilization the world can not get away. And the idea of ​​freedom will fail and Islam. We are not prepared as Europeans to abandon our idea of ​​freedom.

The Islam limps behind as it sets belief above the achievements of science.

It is not about the individual who stems from the Islamic world and wants to be a Muslim, but it is about Islam as an ideology and the „idea of civilization”. The Islam does not belong to Europe, because it will not consider religion separately, from culture, society and politics, but does choose a unity of the former.

This imaginary world is not alien to the history of Europe. Both Judaism as well as Christianity know this idea of ​​unity under the banner of faith. All religions want to act as founder of civilization, but only Europe has suspended in a difficult struggle the idea of ​ omnipotence of religion.

Town in Morocco - church or mosque?
Town in Morocco — church or mosque?

It is to conclude, Islam does not belong to Europe, because it is lagging behind in this for centuries. Because it sets belief above the achievements of science. It has not experienced any Reformation. It did not eperience the painful struggle between philosophy, science and Church, as the Church (of Christianity) has paid with the renunciation of its claim to omnipotence.

Islam is in its essence a political theology, its spread has not accidentally occurred with the sword. Islam is an ideology of power. In its initial phase it was not supported by a tradition of impotence as Judaism (“We were slaves in Egypt”) and Christianity.

They had to free himself from persecution and oppression to defend itself. Islam, in contrast came from the outset as the Lord of the world. Although it hardly anything is left, yet the claim seems internalized.

Islam is not European, because it represents the collective over the individual, because Islam is not prepared to defend the individual against the collective, because it disregards the rights of minorities and because it -all lip service holds defiance - beliefs on the superiority of the man,

The culturally internalized inferiority of women is for centuries a reality in Islam. One has to spread a lot of sand in one own eyes in order to justify it. Islam can never be European, because the non-Muslim is only an imperfect human.

Islam can not belong to Europe, because criticism of it is forbidden, the departure of the Muslim from his belief will be punished with death by his religion, because heresy is heavier than all punishable crimes of civil law. Islam does not belong to Europe, because it is sexual minorities are cruelly persecuted and the Islam as practiced in everyday life is incapable of any practical tolerance.

All theese reasons do make it clear that they are the cause for the Islams world backwardness for their dislike of science, art and proper enlighted education.

But every Muslim can become a European as practicing his religion within the freedom and limits of European civilization.

Islam as a civilization idea can not be accepted as part of Europe because of its archaisms. Europe confined itself, we would bow to the aggressive claim of Islam.

We need to clearly distinguish between Islam as a religion and Islam as a (cultural) civilization. Islam is not content to his creed, but also threatens the secular European civilization with an imaginary design. This idea of ​​an Islamic civilization must reject Europe.

Many Europeans sway in illusions, if they do not take the claim to power of Islam seriously. They fail to recognize that these pseudo-idea of ​​a civilization millions of Muslims who want to rid the world of our “decadence” drives.

It is indesipensable that Europeans must insist that it is not about religion in the discussion; these may each exercise under the general law. It is about the question of what Islam has to offer otherwise.

So what has Islam excatly to propose us as enteties of civilization in questions that matter: which legal order, which public order, what kind of education system, what infrastructure, which opera houses, which libraries and hospitals which answers to ecological questions? Only the organization of these things may take the name of civilization!

Wherever Islam has “civilization” worked in the last centuries, it left poverty, illiteracy and backwardness.

Wherever Islam has “civilization” worked in the past centuries, it left poverty, illiteracy and backwardness. Islam has failed completely in civilization, it has slept modernity since the Renaissance. Who is at his wits’ end, offers willingly religion as a remedy. In this case, religion is not intellectual-historical inheritance, but really is only a drug for the people.