Copyright, Trademark, and Other Takedown Requests (2014)

In this part of our transparency report, we explain how Medium has handled requests from non-government actors to take down or remove content to date.


The tables above show the number of copyright, trademark, and other takedown requests we received during each month of the reporting period. Each notice may cover more than one site and/or piece of content.

Our policy is to forward all formally complete notices to our affected users and to Chilling Effects, regardless of whether we comply with them.

Copyright and Trademark

To learn more about how Medium handles intellectual property takedown notices, take a look at our Copyright and DMCA Policy and our Trademark Policy.

We carefully review each takedown notice we receive to make sure it complies with our policies and satisfies any legal formalities. For example, we don’t take action on copyright notices that fail to include all information required by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).

We may decide not to remove content if we consider a notice abusive. Abusive notices include all necessary information, but are directed at lawful expression or uses of content, material that isn’t infringing, or content over which the complaining party misrepresents ownership of a copyright or trademark.

Under the DMCA, a user can formally challenge a notice of copyright infringement by submitting a counter-notice. When we receive a counter-notice, we forward a copy to the individual who submitted the original DMCA notice and restore access to the content if we hear nothing further from the complaining party.

In 2014, Medium received eight takedown notices claiming copyright infringement. We permanently removed content from Medium in response to six of those notices. In one case, we received a counter-notice from the affected user and restored the material at issue. We took no action in response to one notice.

Medium also received 10 notices claiming trademark infringement during the 2014 reporting period. We removed content in response to three of those notices, suspended one account in response to a notice, and took no action in response to six notices.

Other Takedown Requests

Medium received eight other takedown requests in 2014. Seven claimed that information posted on Medium was defamatory. One was a copyright complaint related to one of our commissioned pieces. For the defamation requests, we chose to remove content in response to two of the requests and took no action on the other five requests. For the non-DMCA copyright request, we are currently in discussions with the alleged copyright owner.

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