Business data visualization 2022 — examples

Visualization of business data enlarges the effectiveness of the message, but sometimes data can be difficult to present. How can you visualize your business data in an interesting way? Here are some examples.

Business data visualization 2022 — examples

What is business data visualization?

Business data visualization it is about presenting data using charts, maps, pictograms, pictures or infographics. It allows you to present a large amount of complex data in a graphic way that is accessible to the recipient. Importantly, all these data are presented in one place!

Business data visualizations should be both visually attractive and understandable for the recipient. Even the most spectacular visualizations of business data, which present huge data sets, will not be successful if the recipient is confused because of a wrongly selected graph or infographic.

Business data visualization 2022 — interesting examples

Visualizations of business data on charts

Visualization of business data in a chart: The biggest companies in Brazil — source: Visual Capitalist

Even a simple chart can be presented in a slightly more creative way! In the example above, the creators used a pie chart, but changed it by highlighting larger parts of the data, adding clear descriptions and placing several icons. Nothing super complicated was used here, but the effect is very aesthetic.

They managed to create a very modern and visually attractive form.

What is more, data is always about something. They can refer to the sales results of an insurance company, subscriptions to customers on the platform or the number of kilometers traveled by the car. If a chart tells about the topic that can be graphically presented, you might combine a traditional bar chart with the visualization of its content. How to do that? Look at this example:

Data Visualization: creative way to present bar graphs — source: Behance

The chart above shows the results of the research on the length of hugs. The data visualization was enriched with graphics that symbolize hugging (hands hugging the bars of the chart).

It perfectly reflects the topic itself. Thanks to this graphics, the message of visualization reaches the recipient faster, is more memorable and distinguishes this data visualization from other graphics.

Visualization of business data can of course be also based on traditional charts. However, it is worth taking care of the right colors then. For this purpose you can use a combination of a dark background with the addition of monochrome colors of charts and content.

Business data dashboard template — source: Tableau
Business data visualization: Top 50 Billionaires in the World — source: Tableau

Visualizations of business data on infographics and social media

The example of a good visualization of data in the form of a video can be the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt — In a Nutshell, where creators present data and information about economics, science, the future or everyday life using 10-minute video animations. The channel is run by a German animation and design studio and has over 1.5 billion subscribers. Below, we present one of the most interesting video data visualizations from this channel — data about UBI, unconditional basic income.

Creative data visualizations: video animations — source: YouTube Kurzgesagt — In a Nutshell

There is no denying that simple graphics are very popular in social media. Thanks to their simplicity, even very complex business data can encourage the recipient to read the entire report or article. How such a visualization of business data can look like in social media? The best recipe for success is to follow general graphic trends for 2022, i.e. use bold background colors, refer to shades of nature (brown, beige, green), use large font sizes, hyperrealistic 3D visualizations, candy colors or artistic art deco style.

Here are some examples:

Social media data visualization: carbon dioxide emissions — source: Beautiful News Daily
Data visualization: increase of number of female CEOs — source: Beautiful News Daily
Data visualization by Statista (Instagram) — source:
Business Data Visualization: asset class performance 2021 — source: Visual Capitalist
Data Visualization: economic effects of COVID-19 — source: Visual Capitalist

Data visualization dashboards (often used in business reports)

Business reports, which contain large amounts of data, are sometimes a hard nut to crack for recipients. There is a lot of data, and all of it is important. So, how to present them, without risking they will be misunderstood? And how to make a business report look interesting? A good way to visualize business data is through a dashboard. It’s a combination of content and different types of charts collected in one place.

Below, we present a few examples of good and successful business data visualizations on the dashboards.

Data Visualization: the importance of the final landing price for retailers — source: Behance
Business data visualization: human resource management — source: Tableau

Global business data visualizations — interactive maps

How to graphically present company data that relate to different areas around the world? The answer is: a map! Visualizing global business data on a map doesn’t have to be boring! As you can see in the example below, it can be legible and pretty at the same time.

Visualization of data: the costs of starting a business in different countries — source: Visual Capitalist

It is much better to present data in this way than in a long table in a spreadsheet. This interactive map shows data about costs of start-up companies from different countries around the world. Thanks to the use of different shades of green and yellow on the scale, the recipient of the graphics immediately notices that starting a business in 2020 costed the most in Italy and Suriname in Southern Africa.

Business data visualization — why to do it and how

The effectiveness of business data visualization depends on whether the presentation method has been adjusted to the type of content and the purposes for which the visualization is created at all.

Considering the concept and setting the goals of the visualization before starting the work is an indispensable task. At this stage, you may find helpful to ask yourself questions such as:

  • What data should be presented in this business data visualization and what is its main purpose?
  • For whom is the business data visualization created for? Where it is going to be presented? n business report or in social media?
  • Where this data come from?
  • Will the data be updated?

The answers to these questions may bring you closer to choosing the appropriate presentation method or the graphic design itself.




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