Company’s share capital and Polish PKD — which businesses in Poland bring the largest capital?

Which companies in Poland have the highest share capital in their PKD section? We check the sum of all share capitals of Polish companies in a given section of the Polish Classification of Activities and which industries contribute the largest capital.

Which businesses in Poland bring the largest capital?

PKD — Polish Classification of Activities as an indication of what industry the company work in

PKD is an acronym from Polish Classification of Activities (pl. Polska Klasyfikacja Działalności). It is the equivalent of the more famous SIC and NACE codes.

PKD is a designation of the type of economic activity that a given Polish company works in. PKD codes were created mainly for statistical purposes and are processed mainly by the Polish Central Statistical Office (pl. Główny Urząd Statystyczny or GUS). In practice the PKD codes are also used to recognize what a given Polish enterprise actually does (what type of business activity conducts). Such a situation takes place when the business activity is not indicated in any way by the name of the company, the company is young or we want to search for all — for example — Polish construction companies from one particular voivodeships in Poland — we can’t do it only after the name.

The Polish Classification of Activities consists of 21 sections, 88 divisions, 272 groups, 615 classes and 654 subclasses. You can read more about PKD codes in Poland in a separate article:

PKD kind of business activity and the amount of share capital in polish companies — sums of capitals of individual industries

PKD share capital of Polish companies

If we sum of the share capitals of Polish companies which, according to the data obtained from the Polish National Court Register (in polish: Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy), provide the largest capital in their industry, we will get the sum of PLN 107 bn (it’s almost EUR 22,9 bn). The data in our table refer to Polish companies that entered the PKD codes from a given section in the classification of activities as their main PKD codes in the Polish National Court Register. If a company entered PKD codes from a section as additional PKD codes, and not the main, they were not taken into account in our statistics.

Among the companies with the highest capitals in their industry in Poland, you can find 4 companies with 11-digit share capital. These are:

  • PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA — over PLN 30 bn (section H)
  • PGE SA — over PLN 19 bn (section M)
  • Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sp.z o.o. — over PLN 10 bn (section D)
  • POLTEL INVESTMENT sp. Z o.o. — over PLN 10 bn (section J)

The sum of the share capitals of only these four companies is over PLN 70 billion, which is 65.5% of the sum of the highest capitals in all sections.

The sum of all share capitals from all sections amounts to over PLN 819 bn (EUR 175 bn).

Business in Poland — companies with which PKD have the largest share capital?

If we look at the sum of the share capitals of all companies in a given section, based on the main PKD code that the company entered in the Polish National Court Register, we will notice which industries contribute the highest share capitals. These are:

  • C — INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING — the total share capital of companies in this industry is PLN 142 bn

In section C — Industrial processing, the largest share capital is held by LG Energy Solution sp. z o. o., which produces lithium-ion batteries for the automotive industry. In section M (professional, scientific and technical activities) the highest share capital has PGE SA, which is owned by the State Treasury of Poland (with 57.39% of shares).

What is worth knowing about the Polish company’s share capital?

In Poland business activities like sole proprietorships registered in the Central Registration and Information on Business (pl. Centralna Ewidencja Działalności Gospodarczej or CEIDG) do not contribute share capital — so this term applies only to companies, foundations and other entities registered in the Polish National Court Register, which are required to contribute share capital to their organization.

Share capital is also often called the initial capital. The share capital consists of the contribution of the shareholders of a given entity — both in cash and in kind, in the form of real estate or copyrights. The purpose of the share capital is preventive — it is about creating a security for people lending to a given entity in the event of its insolvency problems.

In Poland the amount of the share capital depends on the type of company. For a limited liability company (pl. spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością) the minimum share capital is PLN 5,000, for limited joint-stock partnership (pl. spółka komandytowo-akcyjna) — PLN 50 K, for a joint-stock company (pl. spółka akcyjna), the share capital is at least PLN 100 K. On the other hand, to set up a simple joint-stock company (pl. prosta spółka akcyjna), a share capital of PLN 1 is enough.

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