Czech companies API: Meet Business Register of the Czech Republic

All about Czech companies information: access to the Commercial Register of the Czech Republic via System ARES, its public company data scope, types of companies and the current number of companies operating in Czechia.

Business registers of the Czech Republic — Czech companies search via System ARES

When we try to find out how many companies are currently in the Czech Republic, where to look for economic information about contractors from this country or what the Czech business registers look like, this knowledge is highly dispersed. Therefore, as a data provider for companies from the Czech Republic, as well as Slovakia, Poland and other European countries, we decided to introduce you to the source of data on which our Czech companies API is operated.

Meet ARES — Czech Republic Companies Registry Access Place

Business information about Czech companies is, like in many other countries, scattered over many different public registers that function as separate, unconnected databases. Various organs of the Czech Republic run Commercial Register Veřejný rejstřík, The Register of Associations, Foundation Register, Insolvency Register, Register of Institutions, Register of Unit Owner Associations and Register of Public Benefit Associations. Fortunately, a few years ago the Czech authorities decided to create one place from which you can get the most important information about enterprises registered in this country and verify a company. It is ARES System.

System ARES is an open, free and public Internet database supervised by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. All the company information contained therein comes directly from the other original business registers, therefore its name is not the Central Czech Republic Companies Registry, but ARES, which is an acronym from Access to Registers of Economic Subjects / Entities.

Due to the fact that the system is also available in English and after entering the registration number of a given economic entity, it clearly indicates links to information about the company in all possible Czech business registers, it is a reliable and quite convenient business data source.

What kind of business information ARES System provides?

ARES System enables free Czech companies search on many levels. Information about economic entities included in this online public database is sufficient to verify a company registered in Czech Republic and to conduct a thorough risk management analysis.

Business information on Czech companies that ARES provides:

  • company name
  • ICO number (8 digits tax identification number in Czech Republic)
  • company status (whether the company is active or not)
  • Czech company registration date
  • name of the court where company was registered
  • registration number (8 digits identification number given by Czech Republic court)
  • company dissolution date
  • legal form type code and description
  • head office address
  • CZ-NACE (Czech NACE code for main business activity)
  • company capital amount registered and paid up
  • company liquidation/bankruptcy status
  • information on companies and people related to the economic entity (business relation type, the name of the related entity which has shares and stocks in Czech company or the name and surname of a management board member or owner)
  • Information about subsidies
  • various types of extracts in pdf and financial documents of Czech companies (if the company has submitted the documents and if they are in the original source, e.g. in Czech trade register).

Few words about Czech company search via System ARES

Czech company search via System ARES allows you to search for a company based on its business name and registration number, as well as narrow down the query by adding the legal form of the company, its tax office code (in the Czech Republic there are as many as 399 various tax office codes) or main business activity, i.e. the CZ-NACE number.

Czech company search via System ARES

As we have already mentioned, ARES website grants you access to business information about Czech companies from one place. Therefore, when we carry out a Czech company search in this database, we will be redirected to the basic information about the economic entity, where we will see links to registers that contain more detailed data about the company or entrepreneur.

Czech business registers to which System ARES directs (if a given company has been found in the database):

  • CR — Czech Republic Commercial Register, called Veřejný rejstřík (not that a shortcut CRET in the result list means electronic transcript of Commercial Register)
  • RES — Czech Statistical Office public database, called Registr ekonomických subjektů (it is from this database that we will find out, for example, what is the main business activity of an economic entity, i.e. we will get to know its CZ-NACE numbers)
  • TR — Czech Trade Register run by Ministry of Industry and Trade of th Czech Republic
  • VAT — Czech Register of VAT Payers (entrepreneurs)
  • Group VAT — Czech Register of VAT Payers (companies)
  • SR — the Central Register of State Subsidies in Czech Republic, called IS CEDR
  • ED — the Register of Excise Duty Payers administered by The Customs Administration of the Czech Republic
  • IR — Czech Insolvency Register, called Insolvenční rejstřík, administered by the Ministry of Justice
  • BR — Central Register of Bankrupts
  • RAE — the Register of Agricultural Entrepreneurs in Czech Republic

Number of companies in Czech Republic in 2020

How many companies are registered in Czech Republic in 2020? Our Czech companies API, which aggregates data directly from the System ARES, shows that there are currently over 792,000 business entities with active business status in the business registers of the Czech Republic. In turn, there are over 2.88 million key people sitting on company boards in the registers (data from beginning of December 2020).

Economic entities, however, may take various legal forms, not all of which are understood to be enterprises. For example associations are also economic entities and there are over a million of them in Czechia. Therefore, to answer the question of how many businesses there are in the Czech Republic, it is best to look at specific companies listed in the Czech Commercial Register.

Total number of active businesses in Czech Republic (December 2020) divided into the legal form of the Czech company:

  • 44.1 thousand sole proprietorships (entrepreneurial natural person)
  • 47 thousand limited liability companies (LCC)
  • 5.9 thousand public companies known as general partnerships (GP)
  • 25.9 thousand joint-stock companies (JS)
  • 0.65 thousand companies with limited partnership (LP).

Whether it is a lot or a small number of businesses, we can only say taking into account the size of Czechia. Its total area is 78,866 km2 and the population is estimated at over 10 million inhabitants in 2020.

What are the types of companies in Czech Republic?

The Czech legislation distinguishes many different legal forms of enterprises, the most popular of which are limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, general partnerships and limited partnerships. Of course, in the Czech Republic we can also find the simplest legal form for business as it is sole proprietorship. Co-operatives, associations, labor unions and European companies are recognized there too.

Czech-English dictionary of the most common Czech businesses types:

  • Veřejná obchodní společnost (legal form acronym: v.o.s.) — general partnership
  • Společnost s ručením omezeným (legal form acronym: s.r.o.) — limited liability company
  • Společnost komanditní (legal form acronym: k.s.) — limited partnership
  • Akciová společnost (legal form acronym: a.s.) — joint-stock company
  • Společný podnik — joint venture
  • Družstvo — co-operative
  • Státní podnik — state enterprise
  • Evropská společnost — European company
  • Podnikající fyzická osoba — entrepreneurial natural person (sole proprietorship)
  • Obecně prospěšná společnost (legal form acronym: o.p.s.) — non-governmental non-profit organization
  • Nadace — foundation

Czech companies API

The Czech companies API of our company Transparent Data is one of the many Global company information APIs that we provide to businesses of all sizes as part of our data delivery business. Its source of data is the aforementioned System ARES, which means that our Czech companies API provides all the same information that is contained in the original source — registration data, economic information and company documents.

You can see the full Czech companies API documentation HERE, while a description of this data solution can be found on our website, in the API Global tab.

Business in the Czech Republic — interesting facts

Company information gathered in Czech Republic companies registries and business directories it will allow us to check the credibility of the contractor and carry out KYC processes, but it will certainly not shed broad light on what Czech companies are famous for, what their most popular brands are, or who is the country’s greatest businessman. Therefore, below we present some interesting facts about this prospering CEE country.

What is the main industry in Czech Republic?

Most of us associate the Czech Republic as the home of beer, but this branch is not the lever of Czech GDP. Czech Republic’s largest industry is automotive industry. The other key sectors of the economy of this thriving EU country are machinery, iron and steel production, metallurgy, transport equipment, textiles, ceramics, glass, chemical production, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

What are the most famous Czech brands?

Despite its small size, the Czech Republic is thriving and is considered a country where companies with great potential are established.

Here is a list of the most famous Czech brands:

  • Škoda — famous automobile manufacturer
  • Avast — cybersecurity software company founded in 1988 (who has not heard of Avast Antivirus?!)
  • Budweiser — brand of beer
  • Pilsner — brand of beer
  • Baťa — known also as Bata; a shoe company present in more than 70 countries worldwide
  • KOH-I-NOOR — Czech pencil brand, which yellow pencil became the most famous pencil in the world In 1900.

What are the largest Czech companies?

The largest Czech businesses are Škoda Auto, ČEZ, Agrofert, RWE Supply & Trading CZ, Foxconn CZ, Unipetrol and Čepro.

Who is the greatest czech republic businessman?

The most famous Czech businessman and at the same time the richest man in the Czech republic is Petr Kellner. Its net worth is estimated of US $ 19 billion. His fortune comes from the success of the PPF investment and financial group he founded.



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