New Beck KRS: a story about the future of Polish legal tech

In recent weeks, the new, improved economic information system Beck KRS had its official premiere, which we had the pleasure to build over the past months at the request of the Polish branch of the international C.H.Beck Publishing House. This specialist module of the Legalis Legal Information System, which is well known to all law firms, is another legal tech solution in the Publishing House’s portfolio.

It is worth emphasizing that our client, C.H.Beck, has played an important role in shaping the legal tech market in Poland for many years. Not only because of the modern Legalis System, widely used in law offices, courts, ministries, public prosecutor’s offices and central offices, which is used today by over 40,000 lawyers.

The publishing house systematically introduces innovative programs to the market, facilitating the daily work of the law firm and ensuring compliance, i.e. full compliance of procedures with existing legal regulations. Let us mention, for example, the KRS Application Generator or the management system of the luscase office. Moreover, together with an independent research studio, the KANTAR Institute, it regularly examines the image of the legal tech market of Polish law firms, exploring the real needs and readiness of the industry for changes. It is also the organizer of the annual LegalTech Forum — the only conference of this type in our country.

The new Beck KRS is another step of the Publishing House towards the future of the modern legal practice.

Beck KRS as an example of a modern legal tech solution

The refreshed version of Beck KRS introduces a new quality to the market of economic information platforms. It offers a unique combination of data from the National Court Register (KRS) and the Court and Economic Monitor (MSiG) — the two most important sources of information for Polish legal departments.

Verification of the status and corporate governance of entities from the National Court Register, assessment of the risk and credibility of the contractor, and in-depth research of personal and capital relations — the new Beck KRS is a great tool for lawyers to meet these needs with speed and precision that has not been seen in Poland so far.

Here you can view full Case Study of the project:

4 things that you can really “feel” in the new solution compared to the previous version of the platform:

  1. completeness and reliability of data, thanks to connecting a greater number of data sources — information on all business entities and persons registered in the National Court Register (KRS) and access to all publications of the Court and Economic Monitor (MSiG), immediate download of full excerpts from the National Court Register, insight into history of changes in the entity, additional company information such as VAT status, debt exchange, media mentions, public procurement and EU funding
  2. a new approach to presenting the connections of business entities and key people who are their owners, shareholders and members of the board — a table overview and interactive graphics, allowing you to delve into the next levels of personal and capital connections with one click
  3. improved search of entities with hints — now you can search for entities both by registration number and name
  4. modern, lightweight interface.

It’s time to try out the new system right now!

If you’re fluent in Polish (the system is available only in this language), we encourage you to test the new Beck KRS — just go to the dedicated page HERE and call the hotline or leave your contact details.



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