Swedish companies API: Meet Business Register of Sweden

Sweden company information in a nutshell: how to verify Swedish companies in the Swedish Companies Registration Office Bolagsverket, what is this business register datascope, what types of companies appear in Sweden and how many of businesses are currently there.

Business register of Sweden: the Swedish Companies Registration Office Bolagsverket

Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and UK — about the trade registers of these countries and due diligence APIs we have already talked on our blog. Now it’s time for Sweden — a highly developed northern European country with a population of over 10 million people.

Meet Business Register of Sweden: Bolagsverket

Sweden’s central business register is Bolagsverket and it is a company information base owned and maintained by the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The registry data that we find in it is also published in Post- och Inrikes Tidningar, which is an equivalent of the Swedish Official Gazette.

The beginnings of registration of Swedish businesses date back to 1897, and the first digital information was recorded in 1982. Since 2002, all data on Swedish companies is already digitally stored in Bolagsverket. Unfortunately, there are not many of them in this business register, if we search for open data, i.e. free and publicly available. Exactly what this information is, we will describe in the paragraph below.

What is worth mentioning, via the Swedish Companies Registration Office Bolagsverket we might not verify company as we expected, but definitely we can buy certificates of registration and annual reports of Swedish companies. Certificates cost 250 SEK (25 EUR) and annual reports 75 SEK (7,5 EUR) each. The prices are quite surprising. Most commercial registers in European countries provide this information free of charge or much cheaper.

Swedish business registry search

Swedish business registry search on Bolagsverket is a little bit tricky. Entering the main website of the Swedish Companies Registration Office Bolagsverket, available in English, we immediately see a search engine at the top and it would seem intuitive that we can verify a given Swedish company with it. However, this is not so.

To search for information about registered businesses, we have to go to another subpage Sök företagsfakta (Find Swedish company information), namely:


We can search there for the business (by company name or company number) or person.

The Swedish Companies Registration Office Bolagsverket Sök företagsfakta (Find Swedish company information)

What kind of company information Bolagsverket provides for free?

Central business register of Sweden, the Swedish Companies Registration Office Bolagsverket, provides for free the following data for the verification of Swedish business partners:

  • company number
  • full company name
  • legal form type
  • legal form code (e.g. “AB” for Aktiebolag)
  • number of registration county, its name and code
  • company status (active, in liquidation, bankruptcy, restructuring)
  • information about related companies (their names, numbers, forms etc.)
  • information about insurance intermediaries (organisation number in the registry, name, address, phone, email and historical data of insurance intermediary)

What types of businesses are in Sweden Business Register?

There are basically 5 popular types of businesses in Sweden. Those are: sole traders, limited companies, limited partnerships, trading partnerships, and economic associations. The first two business entities can be established by only one person. To establish trading or limited partnership you need 2 people, and to form an economic association you need 3.

Of course, in the Bolagsverket register itself, we find more possible legal forms.

Useful English-Swedish business dictionary of Swedish legal forms that you can find in official business register:

  • aktiebolag — limited liability company
  • bostadsförening — housing association
  • bostadsrättsförening — tenant-owner association
  • ekonomisk förening — economic association
  • enskild näringsidkare / enskild firma — sole trader
  • europabolag — European company
  • filial — branch
  • handelsbolag — trading partnership
  • kommanditbolag — limited partnership
  • sambruksförening — collective farming association
  • stiftelse — foundation

Total number of companies in Sweden, 2021

There are currently 1,2 mln Swedish companies registered in the Swedish Companies Registration Office Bolagsverket.

The number of companies in Sweden, broken down by specific legal forms, is as follows (as of January 2021):

  • 611,5 thousand limited liability companies
  • 121,7 thousand trading partnerships
  • 30,3 thousand limited partnerships
  • 15,1 thousand economic associations
  • 441,9 thousand sole traders
  • 7,3 thousand branches

Swedish Companies API

Our Transparent Data Swedish Companies API aggregates all available for free data directly from the Swedish Companies Registration Office Bolagsverket and forwards them directly to internal systems in a convenient JSON format. Thanks to this, it automates the manual processes of verification of contractors from Sweden.

Swedish Companies API documentation you can find HERE. If you want to contact our company and check what data software business solutions we are offering, visit our website Transparent Data.



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