The review of the PSI Directive — Deloitte study report 2018

The Re-use Directive, also known as the PSI Directive, has been reviewed again. From the report, which just saw the light of day, we will find out what is the current state of re-using public information in Europe, what are the technological and cultural barriers to data access and what lessons can be learned from it for the future.

High level round table on PSI Directive in Brussels, January 2018

Full report


What will we find in the report? Selected fragments

Thanks to the applied regulations and recommendations of the PSI Directive, each country has also increased the number of open data resources and improved their quality.

Open Data Country Maturity 2017 EU, source: Deloitte Report

But what is realy worth mentioning, is that 2 European countries are undeniable global open data leaders:



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