Configuring Approaches for a Turning Movement Count

Once a turning movement count study is created you have options such as the ability to provide a name, a location, and the name of the person who conducted the count. In addition to providing a simple name for the location, e.g., Main and Johnson, you have the option of specifying the geographic location and name of each approach. This configuration is possible by selecting the “Configure Approaches” button which will launch an interface such as the one shown in the figure.

Approach Configuration Interface

The interface shown allows the user to specify the location of the northbound, westbound, southbound, and eastbound approaches. Additionally, users can specify the name of the approach. When first launched, the map will be empty. The location of an approach is added by tapping a location on the map.

Adding an Approach

Before adding an approach the user should be aware of what the active approach is. The active approach can be identified because the color of the top bar matches the color of the approach code shown in the bottom bar with the same color. In the figure, the active approach is the eastbound one (EB).

Once the location of the active approach is added to the map an icon with the corresponding color will appear at the corresponding location on the map.

Specifying the Name of an Approach

The name of the added approach can be specified by tapping the icon representing the location of the approach. Once tapped, an input dialog will appear asking for a name. The same dialog provides an option to delete the approach. A screenshot of the dialog is shown in the figure.

Interface Asking for Approach Name and Providing the Opportunity to Delete the Approach

Updating the Location of the Active Approach

If the active approach already has a specified location, tapping on the map simply moves the location to the tapped location. Additionally, the location of the active approach can be updated by dragging the icon to a new location on the map. Dragging the icon to a new location requires tapping and holding the icon and then moving it.

Changing the Active Approach

To change the active approach the user needs to tap the code of the approach in the bottom bar. Once a new approach is tapped the user will see the color of the top bar change to the corresponding approach. Additionally, when an icon representing the location of an approach is tapped then that approach becomes the active one.