A Ride to the Beach

This weekend with a broken mountain bike, and a wife playing volleyball down at Spanish Banks, I figured I’d go watch her play a bit, but take the long way around, catch some sun, see some bike infrastructure, and still ride a bike a bit. Turns out I rode almost 70km return, and almost all on protected bike paths. Here’s what I came across…

Mountain art at Waterfront Park.

After a short section of seawall, I had to make my way back up to 3rd Street where there is a wide multi-use path.

It never occurred to me before that the circles along the Spirit Trail indicate places of conflict, I’d just looked ta them as decorative, good idea… if people know about it!

More public art, this time making faceless buildings a little nicer.

And back to the seawall for a short time, then back inland where the trail splits into separate bike and pedestrian routes.

As I said click the previous blog post for more Spirit Trail Images, time to get up onto the Lions Gate Bridge, and the beauty of biking, you can stop and enjoy the view, although less so the smell from the water treatment plant below!

Then off the bridge onto Stanley Park Causeway which received some safety improvements for cyclists including wider paths, fencing and flashing lights to advise drivers that a cyclist is approaching, this actually worked, and the driver at the edge of the image actually stopped and let me past, thumbs up there!

From there it was time to get into Stanley Park and take the scenic route around the seawall just to add a little distance, there are various pedestrian treatments throughout this stretch, and whilst generally busy there was little conflict.

Around the seawall I swa a bunch of people on the new Mobi bike share bikes, here’s one of the stations.

Back onto the road for a little while at the east end of Point Grey Road, but its quiet and soon I’m onto the new separated path that caused some controversy. doe to the restriction imposed on vehicles.

Further west along Point Grey Road, this barricade/chicane prevents through vehicle traffic and allows space for bikes to pass through. The whole Point Grey route is very well used by cyclists.

Made it to the beach.

And then did it all in reverse on the way back.

Stopped somewhat dehydrated to get some ice cream before pedaling back up the hill to Lynn Valley. If only there was some kind of bicycle lift system

Was a fun day!

Originally published at www.transportation-planning.com.