13 Marketing Newsletters You Should Subscribe to Now

Jamie Fisher
Mar 5, 2019 · 7 min read

How do you keep up to date with all the comings and goings in the marketing world? Sure, you could spend time looking for news and what the large companies are saying. Alternatively, you could subscribe to some marketing newsletters and let the stories come to you.

Since there are just so many options available right now, we’ve compiled a list of 13 marketing newsletters we love seeing in our inbox:

1. Content Marketing Institute

When it comes to content marketing, you aren’t going to find many better newsletters than Content Marketing Institute. After launching in the mid 2000s, the owners of the brand noticed that there were many unanswered questions regarding content marketing on the internet. Ever since, the thirst for knowledge has only grown and the role of Content Marketing Institute has grown stronger with each passing year.

2. Intercom

Called ‘Inside Intercom’, the newsletter from this particular brand seems to follow the overall theme of the company itself; customer relationship management. Sent once a week, you can learn all about the latest news in customer support, product management, and various other topics.

Since Intercom is a customer service app and allows full integration between various ports of communication, there will normally be a focus on these themes, but they also provide content marketing tips.

3. Moz Top 10

This is a name you’ve probably heard, right? With thousands of subscribers, Moz has earned plenty of support over the years and part of this has been generated through a newsletter released twice a month. Covering everything from SEO to news in the world of digital marketing, everything you read from Moz will be reliable and this trustworthy brand is likely to continue teaching marketers for many years to come.

As the name suggests, the top 10 articles from around the internet will be compiled into this newsletter which saves you the time of hunting them down individually.

4. CopyBlogger

Sticking with the big names, we have CopyBlogger; one of the most popular and largest subscriber bases in the content marketing field. Why does it have such a huge following? Because they offer a whole community to those who want advice with content marketing. Whether you want to know how to conduct market research, create a winning landing page, or write compelling copy, CopyBlogger has something for everyone; the newsletters are an extension of this.

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5. GrowthHackers

If you want to learn more about the content marketing secrets that other services might not be willing to give away, GrowthHackers could be a good choice for your subscription. In the newsletter, you’ll be sent the very best posts from their platform (which means they’ve been created by the community). With topics such as marketing channels, engagement, growth hacking, and product launching, the nature of these articles mean you’ll be learning from somebody just like you.

6. Social Media Examiner

Of course, social media plays an integral role not only for our personal lives but in business too. With Social Media Examiner, you have a newsletter explaining how to use social media in new and inventive ways to generate leads, communicate with customers, build a brand, boost awareness, and achieve other goals.

As well as tips and advice, you’ll also learn of changes to certain platforms and how you can adjust your strategy over time to remain successful.

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7. MarketingProfs

They don’t specialize in any particular niche, so why are we recommending the newsletter from MarketingProfs? Because it’s released on a daily basis. While other options in this list will be released weekly, semi-weekly, or even monthly, MarketingProfs will send lessons, insights, and advice every single day and this can be useful.

If you haven’t heard of the platform itself, it has around 600,000 members and provides resources for all marketers. Whether you want articles, seminars, training, or any other resource, this is a great place to go. Even after all this, they have forums for all members to discuss their marketing experiences. With this in mind, they’re well placed to offer important lessons in a newsletter each day.

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8. Buffer Social

With over 45,000 subscribers, Buffer offers another fantastic newsletter worth your consideration. Just like Social Media Examiner, there’s a focus on social media and how we can use these advanced tools to grow a business. According to Buffer themselves, all subscribers will receive unique blog posts and content only available through email.

Sent on a weekly basis, one reason why you might consider Buffer Social is because they lace their information with real stories. Rather than just talking at the reader and telling us ‘you should do this, that, and everything else’, they include stories of how businesses are finding success on social media. From here, you can take the lessons and attempt to implement your own version; or simply use it as inspiration for your own creativity.

9. Unbounce

If you’re looking for a newsletter all about landing pages from a specialist within the landing page niche, look no further because Unbounce will have you covered. The platform itself is a great landing page tool that allows users to add overlays and start with templates to create the best landing pages for their website.

According to the platform, they recently surpassed the 250 million conversion mark for their clients. They know what they’re doing, and their newsletter is packed with information regarding landing pages, how to increase conversion rates, and more. Interestingly, you can actually choose whether you want to receive the newsletter every day or just once a week. Either way, you’ll receive industry news and advice on how to boost your marketing campaigns.

10. Definitive

Currently, Definitive has 50,000 newsletter subscribers and this is only growing. Issued once a week, they concentrate on a few key areas: word of mouth marketing, social customer service, content marketing, amplification, and social media.

Created by Jay Baer from Convince and Convert, each issue will provide advice and tips, news in the digital marketing niche, and some other creative additions.

11. Total Annarchy from Ann Handley

In this list, we’ve focused quite heavily on newsletters from companies and services, so it’s time to focus on the individuals who are working hard and producing fantastic resources for the marketing world.

Every two weeks, Ann Handley produces and releases her very own newsletter containing anything she feels is noteworthy and interesting. We love this newsletter because there’s no strict rules, and Ann clearly isn’t forced into including certain items for advertising purposes. Whether it’s new ideas, links, or just something interesting she has spotted in the industry, it will all be included in the newsletter.

12. The Full Monty from Scott Monty

As the second newsletter created by a marketing personality, we have The Full Monty from Scott Monty. As well as content marketing, we’ve chosen to include this one because he often delves into other areas such as data analytics and AI. Ultimately, they all come together and can work cohesively to achieve results so these insights can be extremely helpful.

In addition to news pieces, Scott has been known to give his views on politics (relating to marketing) while also bringing other professionals in for their own opinions.

13. Almost Timely from Christopher S. Penn

Finally, we have Almost Timely which has been produced by the Chief Innovator and co-Founder of Trust Insights for some time now. Offered to subscribers once a week, this one is less about news and more about stories. While reading success stories (and even stories of failure), it’s possible to glean little nuggets of information that can be important while working on a marketing strategy.

For Penn himself, some people know him as an expert in predictive modeling, analytics, and AI so there’s no better way to learn about these fields than from this man. It hasn’t taken long for Penn to build a reputation in the marketing niche, and after just one newsletter you’ll see exactly why.

Sign Up Today!

With newsletters like this, you don’t need to waste your time searching the web and social media for insights; they can be sent straight to your inbox. Depending on what you need, you could sign up to two or three and have one come daily, one weekly, and another monthly.

Over time, you’ll learn not only the marketing newsletters that teach you the most but also the ones that make you laugh and take a lighter approach. When the marketing world gets a little tough, open the newsletter and enjoy the writer’s unique take on certain features of the industry.

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