Adding Quora to Your Marketing Strategy

We all know that Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are great locations for your brand to be present and active. However, all your competitors are also on these platforms so how do you stand out? Recently, we’ve seen a new trend and it’s allowing brands to show their expertise and obtain customers. As you’ve probably seen in the title, we’re talking about Quora and we’re going to help you get started on the platform.

Why Choose Quora?

These days, your digital marketing strategy is packed with lots of different tools and resources so you’re probably wondering why you should be choosing Quora. To answer this, we’ve listed some simple reasons below:

  • As has always been the case in business, it’s important to get a brand in front of the people who need it. Today, Quora has millions of people logging in over the course of a month. Of course, a certain number of questions will pertain to your industry and niche, and some may even relate to your products.
  • Once you find these people, you can communicate with them directly and answer their questions. Whether it’s about your products or the industry in general, it’s a great way to connect with potential customers.
  • Much like blog posts and other content marketing tools, this direct communication will allow you to demonstrate your expertise. If you have extensive knowledge on a particular topic, don’t be afraid to use it. As you show your expertise, people will realize that you have something to offer.
  • On your profile, it’s possible to share content from your own website on topic-focused boards. Suddenly, people are clicking to your content and discovering your brand.
  • Finally, we should also note that some questions stay relevant for many years. Often, we see brands refusing this platform because they feel as though it’s a waste of time communicating to one or two people at a time. However, some questions can get thousands of views so having your name linked with common industry questions will continue to generate interest.

In truth, we could continue this list because it allows you to communicate with and learn from industry experts, it allows you to learn the most common questions for your own FAQ page, and the visitor numbers for Quora continue to rise.

Setting Up My Profile

In this guide, we’re going to provide some brilliant advice for utilizing this powerful tool. To start, we want to talk about your profile because this isn’t something you can skim over if you want to see results.

If you’ve never used Quora before, a small portion of your bio will be visible when you answer a question. As well as your name, the first 50 characters of your bio will show, and this is your first chance to shine. If you can mention your brand name early, as well as explaining where your expertise lies, you’ll soon build a reputation for answering related questions. This is called a ‘topic-specific bio’, and it can be created via the ‘Knows About’ section.

The more information you have on your bio, the easier it is for people to find you and then learn all about what you offer. Therefore, we recommend filling out the About Me section, your interests, educational history, cities, previous companies, and also connecting other social media accounts.

If you’re a little overwhelmed with the whole process, you can tell everybody that you’re active by upvoting questions that grab your attention because this will be public for all to see.

Find and Follow — Once your profile is finished, you’re ready to start finding and following topics that relate to your industry. Using the search box, you’ll notice that suggestions will show. If you choose to follow a specific topic, this means that your news feed will start displaying the latest activity within this topic. If you don’t want to keep checking Quora, you can even get the newest questions sent to your email address.

As time goes on, you might come across other experts in your field worth following and you can track their latest answers. With this simple step, you’ll start gaining access to the pressing questions in the industry and you’ll have a head start.

What Questions Should I Answer?

In truth, you can get started with whatever questions you like in Quora. Of course, you should be looking for questions that allow you to show your expertise and even mention your products/services.

For the best results, we recommend spending your time on the questions with plenty of upvotes. If a question has a lot of upvotes, this suggests that many others have the same question. Although only one person asked the question, your answer could lead to thousands of views. And these views could mean clicks to your website.

While offering advice on finding opportunities, we also recommend sticking with the newest questions. While you can answer a question from 2014, you have a greater chance of rising to the top answers by being one of the first people to answer a question.

Answering Questions

Even after setting up a profile and finding good questions, many get nervous when writing an answer. In our experience, it’s best to stick to the question and answer with conviction. Dealing with each of these in turn, you don’t want to go off on all sorts of tangents when the question is actually a simple one. If you do this, somebody else will provide a simpler answer and yours will go unread.

Secondly, you need to show your authority and that you have a full understanding. If you answer in the right way, everybody will see that you have even more information if required and your answer won’t have to turn into a 3,000-word extended article.

If you aren’t so good with the written language, feel free to take advantage of spelling and grammar tools to ensure you don’t make simple mistakes. Furthermore, use stats and references to really add authority to your answer.

Here are some more tips for a good Quora answer;

  • Show some passion
  • Feel free to use humor (if the question allows)
  • Write instructions in steps so it’s easy to follow
  • Tell a story
  • Add some personality so it isn’t a robotic answer
  • Be specific and focused

Additional Quora Strategies

With this, we now have the basics of Quora covered. Not only do you know the benefits of adding Quora to your marketing strategy, you know how to find the right questions before then supplying a winning answer. Let’s discover what else you can do on Quora to enjoy a positive ROI.

Share Content on Boards — Using Quora boards, it’s possible to organize questions, answers, and add content. As well as adding content yourself, you can open it up to other users with an interest in the topic. Once again, we’re always looking for opportunities to send people from Quora to your website and this is a great option. As you add a blog post from your website, you can share it with followers and make it available to all.

Write Questions — Though we’ve focused heavily on answering questions and showing your expertise today, we recommend asking questions, too. For example, you can ask a question that gets people talking about what they want to see from the industry or what changes they would like to see from services such as your own. What better way to learn about a target market than to ask them directly?

If you receive answers, show your appreciation with an Upvote. If you don’t receive answers, this isn’t a problem because the ‘Ask to Answer’ feature allows you to request answers from top people in this specific topic.

Create a Business Profile — Search Quora for your business name; if nothing comes up as a topic, click the ‘Create Topic’ button and you can add a small description. Over time, you can build reviews and that old friend social proof will get to work.

Re-Answer — Have you created an extensive guide on your blog answering all the common questions of the industry? If so, you can search Quora for these questions and repurpose the content.

Flip Your Focus — As well as using your blog posts as inspiration for Quora answers, it works the other way too. If there’s a question receiving thousands of Upvotes, this suggests there’s a lack of content available online so it could be your next blog post.

Lastly, you could use Quora for keyword research, to analyze your Quora analytics, and even to start blogging on the platform itself.

Get Started Today

Quora is gaining popularity with businesses because it allows them to show their expertise and build a following online. However, it goes much deeper than this and the tips above have showed why adding Quora to your marketing strategy can be so valuable.


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