Kenshoo or Marin: Comparing Two Digital Advertising Tools

Jamie Fisher
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3 min readJan 21, 2019


In the business world today, where competition is stronger than ever before, it’s fair to say that marketing is integral to every growth strategy. With both Marin and Kenshoo competitors promising to help in this journey, which deserves your attention in 2019?


Launched in 2006, Kenshoo has quickly become a marketing favorite over the years. When it comes to connecting marketers and customers, Kenshoo provides search marketing, social media marketing, and help with online advertising too. For those who want to build a loyal customer base, Kenshoo is popular thanks to their demonstrations of additional value. All things considered, cross-channel campaigns are made easy and the platform aims to get the best yield from all marketing investment.

With Kenshoo, you’ll have access to SEO integration, customizable dashboards, targeting/retargeting, premium keyword tool, reporting/forecasting, intelligent campaign automation, cross-channel insights, flexible bidding, and many other features.

In terms of price, this all depends on the package you choose and the extent to which you rely on Kenshoo for your marketing efforts. To get a quote, you’ll have to contact them directly.


Much like Kenshoo, Marin Software (often shortened to Marin) was founded in 2006 as an online advertising company. Offering a fantastic advanced audience targeting suite, Marin helps businesses to segment a particular audience before then using this to target each in the most effective way possible.

Ultimately, customers choose Marin for three main features; the search feature, the social feature, and the display feature. While the search feature is all about keywords, finding new audiences, and improving online traffic, the social feature will focus on the largest social media platforms; this includes Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Finally, the display feature focuses on cross-channel advertising. With an easy-to-follow process, you can build and launch fantastic display campaigns before sharing them with your audience and managing them carefully.

In terms of wider features, you can enjoy their ‘what if’ analysis, bidding auctions, automatically optimized bids, automated daily campaigns, cross-channel audience analytics, automated optimization, and flexible integrations. We should also note that you’ll need to get a quote from Marin since there are no packages or general price points.

Feature Comparison

If your focus is on automation and getting your marketing campaigns to take care of themselves, and limit your own management, Marin excels in this area. Meanwhile, Kenshoo offers support across more devices, supporting Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad/iPhone, Android, and can even be used as a web-based tool. On the other hand, Marin only supports Mac, Windows, and web-based.

History tells us that Marin is used by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their focus on free social media platforms shows this. However, Kenshoo’s audience tends to lean towards larger enterprises. A final difference is in deployment: Kenshoo is only cloud hosted whereas Marin offers this as well as open API.

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