Ad optimization has always been an important part of digital marketing. However, it just became even more vital after the interesting update from Apple. Normally, Apple updates have very little impact on Facebook and other social media platforms. However, iOS 14 has completely changed the way that we advertise…and it made ad optimization tools look like a solution sent from heaven.

Whether you own an Apple device or you’re an advertiser on Facebook watching this complex situation unfold, you’ll be interested to learn all about iOS 14. …

Jump back in time six months and marketers were talking about all the data that they had access to for Facebook campaigns and other marketing activities. Data was pouring into businesses through every orifice, allowing more advanced targeting than we have ever seen before…then came iOS 14.

In the past, many marketers started to take the sheer amounts of data for granted, and now they’re regretting it. It’s strange that one update by one company can have such a domino effect on the whole industry. …

Believe it or not, the new Apple iOS 14 update doesn’t mean the end of the road for Facebook lookalike audiences and other advertising opportunities. Regardless of what you might read online, and regardless of what your marketing friends might be telling you, there are ways to get around the new Apple update and ways to keep advertising campaigns alive.

What’s the Problem?

Apple has released one of its many updates, but this one has caused quite the stir rather than passing by without so much as a flicker of attention (like most iOS updates). Why? …

Over the years, business owners and marketers have watched nervously as various prospective laws and regulations threatened the very existence of Facebook Ads. Yet, they continuously passed without so much as a whimper and everything went back to normal. As a result, most people have just assumed that these threats will pass each time. However, we’re on the precipice of one of the biggest evolutions in the history of Facebook Ads. As expected, this change hasn’t been caused by Facebook itself.

Though both New Zealand and Australia have been forced into short-term lockdowns in recent months, you cannot fault their efforts to reopen both the economy and traditional workspaces. Thankfully, the hard work of leading figures in both countries has offered somewhat of an insight into what the working world could look like after COVID.

Compared to other countries in the world, strong management of the virus has allowed New Zealand to remain under 100 deaths and Australia under 1,000 deaths. …

When it comes to ecommerce, Australia sits just outside the top ten in terms of market value. Between now and 2024, revenue is expected to grow by around 15% per year until it exceeds US$32 billion. According to the latest estimates, ecommerce now accounts for just under 10% of all retail trade in Australia. But what do these numbers mean on the ground level? Is online competition growing?

Nobody needs reminding that the pandemic has caused a monumental shift in attitude and behavior for consumers. As a consumer yourself, you know how easy it has been to shop online over the last 18 months with physical stores closed. According to some estimates, Australian consumers spent nearly 60% more online in 2020 compared to the year before.

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However, it’s not just the behavior of consumers that has changed. Businesses have also been forced to adjust how they operate. For one thing, the stay-at-home orders saw employees working…

Take yourself back to the beginning of 2020 — it was a time of hope as a new year rolled around. While some people chased down their dream jobs, others started a business and wanted to push towards a brighter future for not only themselves but for their families too. Within just a couple of months, news started to break of a virus outbreak in China.

Are you looking to start a new business? If so, it’s interesting to know the fastest-growing industries so that you choose a business that has a strong chance of success in the coming months and years. Choose a failing industry and it won’t be long before the dream is over and you’re back in your old job.

Artificial intelligence has gone through a growth cycle similar to Facebook and electronic mail when they first entered the market. At first, all three started as a luxury. People would log into Facebook to check in with their friends and family, and the average session would last just a couple of minutes. Likewise, electronic mail was exciting and allowed people on other sides of the planet to connect.

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Now, both Facebook and email are essential for businesses and individuals alike. Who can live without Facebook? Who can live without email? We’re…


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