3 most used plumbers in Singapore…

Nicholas Chee
Apr 23, 2018 · 2 min read

Can you relate to any of these plumbing problems?

Dripping Faucets, leaky pipes, running toilets, low water pressure, leaking hose Bibb, slow or clogged drains, pump failure, water heater problems and more… These are the most common issues of why people call for a plumber.

Now how do you contact them? I will bet, that you get in contact with a plumber using either of 3 methods.

  1. Reference from friends and family

Either of these options to get a plumber to make repairs, improvements or what ever service you might need, often result in various problems. Now if a friend does a terrible job or the referral plumber from friends and family turns out to be unqualified or slacks off, then what will you do? and who will you hold responsible? Hiring professionals eliminates these worries, but you will most likely pay the price in full and then some.

The most expensive plumbers, are the one you find on google. Think about it. There are more than 3.77 million residents in Singapore, and if just 30 % of the people looking for plumbers go on google, it will most definitely be the same 5 companies that people contacts. Now they hold all the power to control what cases they want to prioritise and will give you prices and an execution date for the job, which often are ridiculous.

Frankly this is where “Trasso” eliminates your worries. Read more about how Trasso can help you find the best plumber at reasonable prices. — finding your plumber, is as simple as taking a picture.


The 3 most used plumbers in Singapore are:

  1. HDB 24Hours Plumbing Service

2. Singapore Plumber

3. Top Plumbing

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