Changing the Game of Connecting Customers and Handymen

If The Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door

When it comes to home repairs or just finding a handyman to do a job, most of us always face the same issues:

1. Who do I contact?

2. Are they good/reliable (Quality and punctuality)?

3. Can I afford this and am I getting a fair price (The right price)?

Having these things in mind when finding a handyman to do a job makes it a difficult decision for most people and they tend to put it off until it’s eventually too late or starting to get on their nerves.

Finding the right handyman becomes a difficult task in itself, but does it really have to be this hard? Isn’t there a solution to address this exact problem in today’s world?

We saw the need for a solution to address these issues and started brainstorming on how we could create the perfect platform. One that would eliminate these hard thoughts and decisions when it comes to finding the right handyman. At the same time, it would relate to how the world is moving and the way we perform our daily activities. We understand that people today rely on technology to resolve almost anything. Most of our platforms today creates visual content that explains on how we understand things, how we connect and socialize, how we see initiative and actions to build trust and much more. It has simply become a way of life. So, from making an evaluation on the most used platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, dating sites and many others, it is easy to see how people have focused in on visual content.

Understanding this, the decision came down to making a platform that starts with a photo or video describing the job, complementing our ways of doing things in the 21st century and adjusting the process to keep it simple and understandable. We’ve made it so easy to post a job that it literally takes less than 2 minutes to create or post a new job and start receiving offers — It is really that simple.

3 Steps to post a job (

Our platform automatically notifies the service related handymen who work within the area when a job has been posted. They will be able to see the photos or videos that has been posted together with a short description, the completion preference and location for the job and then make an offer or bid on the job. From here, it is simply to choose the best offer that has been given from the handymen bidding, in terms of their profile and price.

An in-app messaging system has been implemented to make it convenient for users and handymen to communicate, making it easier if changing the time preference and sending more photos and videos are needed.

There are two types of handymen registered on the app: unlicensed and licensed handymen. This provides an opportunity for people to grow/create their business as well as for freelancers or people wanting to earn some extra money in their spare-time.

For the Handymen that bid on jobs, Trasso gives the option for the customers to view their profile showing their licenses (if they have any), how many completed jobs they have and their rating. The rating is based on three factors: the price, punctuality and quality. The rating system is an insurance to keep the handymen as professional and reasonable as possible, directly affecting their chances of being chosen for future jobs.

We look towards the future with great optimism, to be able to provide a solution to every household in need of a handyman — increasing work, lowering unemployment and controlling overpricing in the industry.

Trasso — Changing the game of connecting customer and handyman.