Creating an ecosystem to help SME’s in the handyman industry, starting with Singapore.

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Singapore is a thriving economic country with lots of great opportunities and dreams of a future that bears fruit for even the smallest person and company.

Because of the infrastructure from technology that carries throughout the country, there is space for a lot of new way to help the people. Up until now we have seen countless ecommerce websites and portals helping the small and medium enterprises grow in a spectrum of a world market. They have created an ecosystem that really focuses and helps the small and medium enterprises and their visibility, whereas the big companies used to dominate the market completely, smaller companies have now (because of these ecommerce platforms) gained a stronger appearance and are able to give more competitive valuables in the interest of the consumers.

So why not create the same opportunities for the handyman industry? It is not only a problem for small and medium enterprises in the retail sector to gain competitive advantages or visibility, the problems are present in a lot of industries where the big companies overshadow the smaller ones. The handyman sector is therefore an attractive place to start and we are sure that more platforms will follow to help the smaller guy.

At trasso, our ideology stretches longer than just another customer in the pool. We truly believe that an ecosystem that caters for the small and medium enterprises is the way of the future and is beneficial to society’s issue of creating more jobs, bringing down inflation and providing better customer service. It is an organically growing system incorporated into a platform that is thriving because of its simplicity and beneficial advantages for the customers and small medium enterprises. For our vision to become a reality, we need to show the people that we care, we need to understand the needs of each individual customer and focus on creating a life changing ecosystem that will build into trust and belief of a great and mutual beneficial future.

The mission for the handyman sector is simple; we are creating a roadmap that is linked between consumers and small medium enterprises. We do this by providing a platform (Mobile app), where customers can lodge a repair or home improvement and connect to the handyman needed.

We truly believe that our success to become an extraordinary company, is tied to our values of creating solutions to society problems and cater to customer service at a higher level, implementing into our platform that trasso only becomes successful if we can make our customers successful first. We literally don’t earn anything unless our customer earns first. That is why we take our time with every single handyman signing up, to grow their business through the platform in terms of creating good profiles, follow up on progress, improving visibility and making sure they can get in touch with our teams easily, if there are any problems or concerns at all.

Our customers are priority number one, and we teach you how to use this ecosystem to grow your business!

“Give a man a fish and he will be full for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will be full for a lifetime”

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