Do you dream of being your own repairman ?

Implementation is way bigger than just an idea. Photo by 
Ricardo Rocha on Unsplash

Have you ever thought of being your own repairman? Well it may not be that easy considering the fact that you have no proper connections and ways of finding people in need of the actual service you provide.

We at Trasso, we have always thought that anyone can be a repairman and help fix other people’s issues as a normal job out there. The application we have built provides all the essential needs a normal repairman would require in their daily job routine in order to successfully meet their customer needs.

Our goal isn’t only making sure repairmen satisfy their customer’s needs but also we want to help repairmen increase their customer network and build success and growth. That’s why we have built a simple mobile application to secure your business goals in terms of receiving more jobs and to increase your growth rate as a repairman.

Think of our application as a universal center point where you can find all linked customers who require any sort of repair or home improvement.

Using Trasso, we welcome all sort of repairmen from licensed to unlicensed individuals, so worry less, we have everything settled for all of you guys out there. In order to register as a repairman in your region you may either head straight to our registration page on our website ~ link or download our app from Google Play store or Apple Store (Available in Australia & Singapore).

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