How to fix your air-cons… with Trasso

Is your air condition broken? Are you in need of new AC units? Are you having problems finding an available HVAC technician?

A short read on how trasso can help you find the best rated and available “air con handymen”, at the best prices in Singapore.

Living in a country that has temperatures of 25+ degrees 365 days a year, would be almost impossible for most people to endure, if it wasn’t for the convenience of air conditions. But what happens when they suddenly stop working? How do you get them fixed/repaired? who do you contact?

During Heat spell, waiting for a HVAC Technician might not be an option if your AC stops working, and most people have to wait for days just to get the smallest fixes done (thermostat, circuit breaker, evaporator coil, AC fuses etc.). HVAC Technicians are not in shortage, but people don’t have the contacts, patience or expertise to find the one available and often choses to go with one of the 3 first companies that appears on google search which are used by everyone else and often becomes an expensive affair. By using trasso you don’t have to worry, post a case and let the HVAC Technicians find you. trasso uses a notification system to reach the service providers you are in need of, by showing them pictures or a video of the problem, together with a description, they are then able to quote on the job and you can chose the one you like the most.

Knowing that other handymen are also bidding on the same job, trasso ensures a healthy and open competition which drives fair and realistic pricing. It provides a rating system, which allow users to view how well the individual service providers performs on pricing, quality, punctuality and how many jobs has been completed.

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