Need a handyman? here is why you will get the best deals using trasso…

Trasso, as mentioned in our former blogs, is a platform used on your smartphone to connect customers to handymen. The platform is currently available in Singapore and provides comfort in a lot of perspectives when someone is in need of a repair.

Trasso wants to be a household name for repairs and a global leading platform for app technology, where people use their phone to find handymen making it even more simple and more effective than ever before. By providing a lot of categories, the platform caters to every kind of repair needs. From the most frequently used like plumbers, electricians, air conditioning to drains, fencing, gardening and much more.

Trasso works as two sides of the same coin; One, platform for customers to get the handyman that they are in need of and the other, for handymen to receive jobs. Once an account has been created it is easy to create a handyman account from the side-menu inside the app, making it convenient for the handymen to have a better understanding of the flow when customers create cases providing complete transparency.

Why you get the best deal using Trasso.

Everything can be done from the app. It is a full-service app and it caters to all your specific needs of finding, hiring, communicating and paying your handyman.

The flow:

Customers take photos or videos of the things they need to repair, choose the handyman for the job (eg. plumber) add a description, choose your time preference and location for the job and submit the case. You can now view the job/case you created under the tab, “My Cases”.

The handymen you need eg. plumbers that is working in the area you choose will be notified through the app, are able to view the repair case that you submit (Photos/Video/Description) and give you an offer. From here you can choose the handyman you see fit for the job.

Best deal:

The handymen have a rating system where customers rate them after completing a job and payment has been done (based on pricing, quality and punctuality). This is an assurance that the handyman will do their best, be professional and offer their services at a respectable price range. The rating reflects in their profile, so when future customers look for their handyman, they would rather choose a handyman with good rating than those with bad a one.

Another aspect, is that it is a free bidding system. Handymen will know that others are quoting on the same job (without being able to see other quotes) forcing them to give realistic and good pricing, competing for the job.

Trasso is a free to use service for every customer. For the handymen, it is a flat $10 for completed jobs. No sign-up fees, no subscriptions, no hidden fees and no pay to quote.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you shouldn’t waste anymore time. Create an account and get quotes on what needs fixing in your home.

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