Picking the right Handyman for your beloved home.

Home is where the heart is….it is also where the popcorn, beer and wine are.

Your home is not just a house, it’s not just a place where you can routinely sleep, prepare yourself for work, then come back at the end of the day just to continue the cycle. Your home is much more than that, it’s a place of family and friends or a place of peaceful solitude; it’s a representation of who you are and how you feel. Most of all, it’s an environment of comfort. Comfort not just in a physical sense, but an emotional one as well. Finally arriving home after a long day provides a sense of relief and relaxation. Toss that briefcase aside, kick your shoes off and plonk yourself down on your soft and heavenly sofa that you’ve been thinking about whole day.

But wait, what’s that? Your sofa has a huge gaping whole where your butt should be? What’s that noise coming from the kitchen, did the pipe just burst? Uh-oh, looks like your dog has been chewing on your door frame again and has finally gotten through the wood.


Yes. Your home is still your home even if it’s breaking down. Here’s the thing though, it’s YOUR home even if it’s BREAKING DOWN. Emotional comfort aside, let’s consider the physical comfort; is your butt comfy on your holey home sofa now? Does it feel like sitting in a donut-float for pools? Want to take a shower in your kitchen every time you do the dishes?
I’m guessing the answer to most of those is a big fat, “NO” (although donut-floats are awesome).

They really are.

SO let’s get right down to it. You want to hire a handyman to fix the problems you have around your home. You want someone knowledgeable, trust-worthy and most of all, skilled. So whilst browsing online or calling multiple handymen through phone directories (trasso eliminates this. Click here for more info) you start wondering whether they can indeed complete the job and for a reasonable price.

  • Ask referrals from family members and friends:
    This should be the first step in finding a handyman. If you know someone in your family or circle of friends who recently had some work done, ask them about their experience with that handyman. Your family and friends will give you a detailed and honest opinion that will provide more insight in making your decision.
  • Pick an experienced company:
    Whilst browsing online, it is vital to choose a company that is experienced, looks professional and has a good online presence. If you are ever suggested to use a handyman company with no website or listing, chances are that they are not licensed and should be avoided depending what type of work you need done. Legitimate companies, no matter how small, will have some form of online presence (they aren’t in the Witness Protection Program after all).
Psst…Wanna fix your ceiling?
  • They should be licensed:
    This is an essential point to consider, especially if you are having some renovation work done. Licensed handymen usually have insurance, but it would still be good to…
  • …Check if they are insured:
    This protects your own property. Insurance coverage is a positive sign that you have selected the right handyman service as it will cover your property against getting damaged.
  • Check their payment options:
    Depending on the work you need done, it is better to choose a company that offers several options of payment such as cash, credit card and other choices. This will provide flexibility in choosing the payment option that suits your preferences, needs and budget.
  • Read some reviews:
    Go through their customer reviews if they have any. These reviews can be found on their websites, forums and in the age of today; social media such as Facebook.
  • Look for free quotes:
    Always ask for free quotes from the company that you have chosen. Generally, quotes will comprise details like material costs, labor fees and other things for you to see.
  • Safety:
    A handyman that prides their work on safety is a handyman that is completely dedicated when it comes to safety practices and will work wonders in ensuring that their work environment — your home, will stay safe.

In the end, you should find a handyman that you feel comfortable with. As more and more men and women are beginning to start their own trade business, it becomes important for you and for them to start building good relationships. Not only does it get them repeat customers, but it gives you a reliable and trusted source of repair work. After all, just like you, your home requires some good quality care and affection once in awhile.


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