Trasso — The Tradesmen Revolution!

Empowering the Tradies;

An app platform Built for Tradies, by Tradies.

There is a shortage of skilled workers across the globe; from plumbers and builders to engineers. Construction and technical companies have blamed the recession for a lack of apprentices and have called on the government and schools to promote trades. Despite this, demand for skilled workers has never been higher.

We experienced the impact of this issue during one of our trips to Singapore. A foreign country to us, we desperately needed repair work for one of the apartment units we purchased and did not have a clue how to immediately contact a tradesman. In our home-town, this would be no issue due to the many contacts we have and the relatively close-knit group of industry players in the trade.

We realised that this problem has two main issues; one for Customers immediately trying to get Tradesmen and the other with Tradesmen trying to reach Customers and expand their trade. We decided to build a platform allowing these two to connect with each other, allowing Tradies to provide rough estimates to bid on cases posted by Customers who would then be able to hire them on the spot.

Further research provided us with two similar platforms, one in the South-East Asian region and one in Sydney. Whilst they accomplished their main objective of connecting Customers and Tradies, their model leaves much to be desired for, especially for their registered tradesmen.

To their customers, they work well as intended, free to request a worker and free to accept one. However, its what goes on behind the scenes, what it costs tradesmen or vendors who use the app to find customers that nobody really knows about.

Here at Trasso, we strive to benefit both customers, and the heroes that help them; Trasso Tradesmen.

Trasso Tradesmen.

Our Vision

Trasso is a platform built to connect Tradies with Customers using our dual interfaces, one for Tradies and the other for Customers.

The on-going goal for Trasso is to create equal opportunities for Tradies to find jobs as well as create a competitive and high-quality standard industry, empowering both Tradesmen and their Customers. Trasso is separated into two different views, one for Customers and the other for Tradesmen.

Our App


We take our utmost care in providing Customers with an exceptionally simple and user-friendly platform on which to post their cases.

Trasso implements the 3-step feature for Customers;

It is just that simple.

Step 1 — Snap a pic or take a short video of what you need fixed. Add a short description and send it out to Trasso’s Tradie-O-Sphere.

Step 2 — Review bids from multiple Tradies and rope-in one of your choosing to save the day.

Step 3 — Our Simple & fast payment system allows you to make payments directly to your Tradie once the job is complete. Give your hero a rating worthy of his/her performance.


Grow your Business. Expand your Trade. Find your Market.

Trasso features no sign-up fees, no subscription fees and no pay to quote.

As Tradesmen, you can enjoy access to the Tradie-O-Sphere to find your Customers and bid on as many Cases as you want. With Trasso, you can run your business through your phone.

Join the Revolution!

Step 1 — Bid on Cases on the Tradie-O-Sphere and be notified when you are hired.

Step 2 — Finalise the time and other details using Trasso’s built-in chat.

Step 3 — Finish the job, issue an invoice to your customer and get paid. All in-app. It is that simple.

Trasso features no sign-up fees, no subscription fees and no pay to quote.

Trasso is completely free to use for both Tradesmen and Customers. No sign-up fees, no subscription fees and no pay-to-quote. Tradesmen only pay a 15% service fee for completed tasks; 10% if the value of the job is more than $500.

Tradesmen are encouraged to sign-up and bid on any amount of cases as they want. Free.

By choosing to be completely transparent to our Customers and Tradesmen, we hope to build trust and to build a better trade industry across the globe.

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