Roadmap for Q4 2018 of the Travala Project — Updated 10th December

Dear Community;

We would now like to present you with roadmap for Q4 of 2018

  1. ✅ updated Business Plan has been released. Read More
  2. ✅ Partnership with Portugal supplier — Abreu Online. Read More
  3. ✅ Partnership with Indian hotel supplier — GRNconnect. Read More
  4. ✅ Partnership with Latin American supplier— Hoteldo. Read More
  5. ✅ Partnership with the key to global travel — Hotelspro. Read More
  6. ✅ Partnership with travel tech powerhouse — Gimmonix. Read More
  7. ✅ Partnership with nOS decentralised operating system. Read More
  8. ✅ Partnership with world’s leading bedbank — Hotelbeds. Read More
  9. ✅ Enterprise level scaling solution & performance upgrades.
  10. ✅ Facebook and Google 1 click register and login feature
  11. ✅ Google 2FA authentication added for enhanced user security
  12. ✅ UI / UX enhancements for homepage, checkout and dashboard
  13. ✅ Research & Development of Global Flight Bookings
  14. Additional 400K properties to give us worldwide coverage with a total of 550K properties in 210 countries
  15. Integration of Travala in platform wallet for AVA payments
  16. Marketing campaigns to increase community and platform users
  17. Research & Development of blockchain reviews and incentives
  18. Research & Development of affiliate referral program
  19. Research and Development of Reputation points program

There will be more very important announcements made over the coming quarter that will be added to the roadmap once we get the green light to go public.

The Travala project has come a very long way in a short space of time and after a successful Q3 where we hit all of our deadlines and releases as listed below;

Q3 achievements

  1. Release of Marketplace V.2
  2. 70,000 listings added in 11 countries
  3. Key Management Role Hires
  4. Enhanced focus on UX/UI and features of
  5. Migration from book.travala to
  6. Additional 82,000 listings added 18 countries
  7. Strategic partnership with Spotcoin
  8. A total of 152,000 Properties in 29 countries added in Q3

Next-gen Online Travel Agency (NOTA), a one-stop travel booking platform combining the best of this generation’s OTA functionality with the incredible benefits of next gen’s decentralized technologies and tokenized incentives.