5 delicacies YOU’VE JUST GOTTA savor when in USA!

There are 50 glorious states in the USA, with Alaska in the extreme Northwest and Hawaii extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean, and at least a million reasons to visit the great United States. From the soaring skyscrapers of Chicago to the adobe-built pueblos of New Mexico and the antebellum plantations of the Carolina, USA defies easy description. But there’s one more thing worth special recognition- FOOD!

I’ve come up with 5 taste bud-tingling delicacies found exclusively in USA, just to get you started. From secret fast-food menus to food trucks— the USA covers all bases!

  1. Vodka Jell-O shots

Jello shots are cups or cubes of alcoholic jelly made with flavored gelatin mix and some hard liquor. They are enjoyed in parties usually. Find them at The Meatball Shop in New York or Suede Bar and Restaurant in Los Angeles.

2. Frito Pie

Frito pie is a dish popular in the Southern, Midwestern, and Southwestern United States, whose basic ingredients are chili, cheese, and corn chips (especially Fritos). Additions can include salsa, refried beans, sour cream, onion, rice, or jalapenos. There are many variations and alternative names used by region. Frito pie can be prepared in a casserole dish, but an alternate preparation can be in a single-serve Fritos-type corn chip bag with various ingredients as toppings. In Mexico, a similar type of dish is tostilocos. Relish them at Petro’s Chilli and Chips in Bedfort.

3. Key-Lime Pie

Key lime pie is an American dessert made of Key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk in a pie crust. The traditional Conch version uses the egg whites to make a meringue topping. The dish is named after the small Key limes that are naturalized throughout the Florida Keys. While their thorns make them less tractable, and their thin, yellow rinds more perishable, Key limes are more tart and more aromatic than the common Persian limes seen year-round at grocery stores in the United States

4. Grits

Grits are a food made from corn that is ground into a coarse meal and then boiled. Hominy grits are a type of grits made from hominy with the germ removed, which is corn that has been treated with an alkali in a process called nixtamalization. Grits are usually served with other flavorings as a breakfast dish, usually savory. Grits originated in the Southern United States but now are available nationwide. Grits are popular as a dinner entree, shrimp and grits, served primarily in the Southern United States. Grits should not be confused with boiled ground corn maize which makes “hasty pudding” or “mush” or when using coarse ground corn, which may be made into polenta, or the “mush” made from more finely ground corn meal. Delve into the rich taste of the dish at The Flavor Table in Los Angeles.

5. Tater Tots

Tater tots are pieces of deep-fried, grated potatoes served as a side dish. They are recognized for their cylindrical shape and crispy exterior. “Tater Tots” is a registered trademark of Ore-Ida that is often used as a generic term. There’s something magical about Tater Tots. Some might even argue that it’s the perfect food: bite-size, salty, crispy, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, greasy but not overly oily, and a great vessel for just about any topping. Its abundant nooks and crannies allow for nearly limitless surface area (a.k.a. more crunch) and it boasts a pillowy interior that french fries can only hope to emulate.


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