So you think you’re a traveller? But what actually differentiates a traveller from a holiday maker?

Many would say you are both technically on a holiday but one is an extended holiday. However below are a few sure signs that I think are there which show you are a real traveller.

  1. When asked what your hobby is, travel is at the top of the list.
  2. You get withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t traveled for a few months or feel the need to plan your next trip before coming home from your current trip.
  3. You value experiences not things
  4. You’ve mastered the art of beating jetlag
  5. You know currency conversions without looking them up
  6. You plan trips months in advance and google everything imaginable

Last but not least, you know you are a wanderluster when you begin all your stories with ‘When I was in…’. You find genuine happiness in retelling your travel tales and anecdotes, and you gravitate towards people who have visited the same countries as you because you have a common interest and topic of discussion.

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