7 Reasons to Travel to Thailand

If there is a country that you don’t need reasons to travel to it is, without question, Thailand. The land of smiles, the place that never disappoints, that always exceeds anyone’s expectations; the corner of the world that, despite its tourist popularity, always shows its most welcoming side. That is the definition of Thailand. And if you still have doubts, here are 7 reasons to travel to Thailand.

1. The street food

Some of Thailand’s spiciest, tangiest tom yum soups can be eaten from roadside stalls. The hot and sour dish can be whipped up in a second by street vendors using fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and galangal. Other street food treats to try include rice with spicy stir-fried crabmeat and fresh yellow chillies.

2. Fabulous luxury hotels

Whether it is upmarket island bliss (try the Six Senses on Koh Yao Noi), or sleek 70s curves (see Iniala Beach House in Phuket) or the ewok-inspired tree dwellings of Keemala, also in Phuket, that inspire you, there is a wealth of choice in Thailand.

3. Beach football

If you consider yourself handy on the pitch there is no better way to make new friends in Thailand than a sunset game of beach football. Locals tend to strike up one most nights. Arrive early enough and join in one of the most scenic matches of your life.

4. Legendary beach bars

Thailand’s beach bars can be what makes a holiday, offering a multitude of options, from driftwood shacks playing Bob Marley where bar staff become lifelong friends, to remote hippy hideouts selling psychedelic mushroom shakes and swanky places to sip cocktails and dress up for.

5. Unlimited opportunities for island hopping

The range of paradisical islands to choose from will please the pickiest of beach bums, whether it is a chic cabana and waiter service you’re after or just somewhere to string a hammock. And then there are the hundreds of islands that you can’t even stay on, but which can be visited with the assistance of a local fisherman with a longtail boat and some time on his hands. Try Bamboo island, one of the Phi Phi Islands, home to one of our favourite beaches.

6. City shopping beyond compare

Bangkok is a shoppers’ paradise. Beyond the preponderance of shopping malls, the city also offers innumerable local markets offering all sorts of wares.Though some, such as Khaosan Road’s, are almost exclusively aimed at tourists and have inflated prices to match, others cater to locals and are crammed with curios that can, with effective haggling, be picked up for a song. And more upmarket bargains are available too, with the city’s skilled tailors on hands to tailor-make beautiful suits, shirts and dresses for savvy shoppers who prefer things to be bespoke.

7. Holidays that leave you feeling great

It’s not just the sunshine, scenery and ever-smiling locals that make Thailand a feel-good destination, it’s the country’s abundance of spa and wellness retreats too.

Spa fans will of course enjoy the most authentic and effective Thai massages here, but for something more thorough a number of specialists offer tailored detox programmes, expert-led fitness breaks and high-end beauty treatments to ensure travellers reach their peak both inside and out.

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