Jaipur’s Cuisine and Carnivals

Walk along the turban headed colourful crowd, relish the lavish flavours, dance to the traditional tunes and submerge yourself in the ever happening and surprising life of Jaipur. The city of forts and palaces is undoubtedly a world class destination for any traveller and here are two main reasons as to why Jaipur is not a place to be missed out on: Food and Festivals!

Being one of the most royal cities in India, one can be sure to be served like kings and queens when in Jaipur. Here are a few places where you can feel and eat like a royal.

Cinnamon (Jai Mahal Palace, Jacob Road)

Not just Rajasthani but treat your taste buds with the best Kashmiri, Hyderabadi and Awadhi food too at Cinnamon. Sit cross-legged on the floor and enjoy the royal aura with rich fabric and tribal jewellery beautifully used to decorate the place.

Handi (Mirza Ismail Road)

Awarded as the ‘Best North Indian Restaurant’ by tourists, the chefs here have a brand new interpretation of food and offer distinct flavours of Tandoori and Mughlai cuisine from distant Southern India and blend it with the spices to give them a modern twist. Famous for Chicken Kali Mirch an roti cooked in clay pots, this place has been innovating since 30 years and is a must try.

Copper Chimney (Maya Mansion)

Mostly filled by local businessmen and artists, the thali here is very famous which is a complete meal made up of nine dishes and is like a mini buffet on your table. Locals suggest that the traditional matter paneer (peas and cottage cheese) and the rogan josh (buttered lamb) are the best dishes served here.

Suvarna Mahal (Taj Rambagh Palace, Bhawani Singh Road)

Mahal stand for a palace and here is your chance to dine inside an actual palace. The beautiful decor is a treat to eyes and the food served here, specially the lamb kabob, is utter pleasure to those taste buds. The best part about this place are the secluded jharokhas(balconies) lit by flaming torches here they serve you the food and you get the absolute king treatment. Don’t miss the sweet Rasmalai to give your dinner a blissful end.

Food and festivals go hand in hand. No celebration is complete without food and having a good meal is almost as good as enjoying a festival. So here are a few festivals that are highlights of the Jaipur culture and worth being a part of.

Kite Festival

Every year on January 14th the pink city doesn’t just remain pink but comes to life with every bold and bright colour visible to a human eye when the offices shut down and everyone comes along to celebrate The Kite Festival. It is one of the liveliest festivals with people pouring onto the streets to fly their kites, big and small, of every shape and colour. Truly, this is massive display of vitality that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Jaipur Literature Festival

This citywide festival takes place in January and despite of being a relatively new annual event, it has already gained the reputation of the single largest free literary festival in Asia. In fact, a wide sampling of South Asia’s most prominent literary leaders make the trip and the Diggi Palace, which is the venue, becomes the most happening place with literature, dance and music.

Teej Festival

Monsoon is a joyful season and to add to add to the joyousness of rains, the festival of Teej is celebrated in various parts of India including Jaipur. The streets brighten up with parades of colour, sound and dance to celebrate the ritual of marriage and to rejoice the reunion of Lord Shiva and Pravati after 100 years of separation. The entire city of Jaipur gives itself over to two days of ecstatic festival bliss.

Elephant Festival

This is the most well known of Jaipur’s festivals. Every year in February or March (according to a lunar calendar date), the Elephant Festival is celebrated on the eve of the India-wide Festival of Colours, or Holi. Elephant polo and elephant tug of war are just a couple of activities that people indulge in and enjoy during this festival. Most interesting, however, is the competition to determine the best-decorated elephant, during which they are covered in colourful paint, intricate patterns and unique jewels by the owners and then displayed. The festival celebrates Jaipur’s deep reverence for elephants and their place in the heart of Rajasthani culture.

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