Chapter 4 The Job

It only hurts when it falls apart

Bonaire Photo by Gary Crow

Breakfast in an over-water bungalow perched over Bonaire’s turquoise waters ought to take away all the worries in the world, but the pain in Jordan’s shoulder was increasing by the minute.

“So, did you do some Dr. Google research? Is a dislocated shoulder supposed to keep falling out?” Drew asked.




Her mother went to prison for embezzlement when she was sixteen and never returned. Despite that, Jordan West has a loving husband and a successful career as a travel writer. But like the mother she longs to find on her world travels, Jordan has a tiny problem — she steals.

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Melinda Crow

Melinda Crow

30-year freelancer. Found on: Newsweek, Cruise Critic, MSN Travel. Writer’s Toolkit weekly series on The Writing Cooperative

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