Good-bye Seoul, Hello Spokane 11: Ice and snow from a different point of view

January 24, 2017

I took the bus to and from my work out yesterday. You know, I’m pretty positive, open-minded, tolerant, and all that, but I have to say… my post the other day about the Spokane bus-riding culture was maybe too… um, kind? Let’s just say the dark energy was challenging. Plus, walking home from the bus stop (about the same distance from the gym to home in Seoul) was its own kind of challenge. Spokane never quite got itself dug out after being hammered with snow and cold earlier this month, and now the streets and sidewalks are piles and slabs and ruts of snow, ice, slush, and — depending on the temp — standing water. This used to happen in Denver sometimes, and my “yak trax” and trekking poles were up to the challenge, but I found myself wondering what I might be thinking and feeling if I were experiencing these things in a foreign country. Would I be disappointed, dismayed, angry, fearful, depressed? Would I be thinking I made a mistake, coming here? Would I be looking for a quick exit? As it was, I didn’t think or feel any of those things, but I suspect I’d be more inclined to be more judgmental and less charitable in a foreign environment. Seems like a useful bit of awareness — for travel and for life.

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