Today in Seoul 51: New Place, New Practice

December 6, 2016

I wrote my 50th post from Seoul over the weekend. Since then, it’s felt like I don’t have anything new to say. Those 50 were triggered by our intent to live here, not be tourists. Seoul is a huge city that offers countless opportunities for new experiences, and we’ll have more, but I’m not inclined to seek them for their own sake. So for this post, I took a step back to notice what I’m doing now that I wasn’t 56 days ago when we got here. I have a whole new exercise routine, prompted at first by coping with the heat at the gym but now with a life of its own. I’m walking more than I ever would have thought possible. We’ve changed our eating habits to be more in sync with food that’s available locally and the Korean way of preparing it. Our outlook and practice for learning the Korean language has completely changed — we’re on our third major restart. I’ve started to follow international news — especially for Asia and Europe. I wasn’t a news junkie in the States, and I’m not here either, but I am following certain international stories, beginning of course with the Seoul Presidential protests. My ongoing research topics have shifted to move up a couple I didn’t think I’d get to until 2017. I’m getting a hint of what the book I want to write this Spring might be. And, thanks to some remarkable synchronicities and a new friendship, I have a new project I never would have seen coming. Put yourself in a new place, and you’ll think and do differently — that was the theory. It’s now become my practice.