How Travel-Learners and Business-Owners will Save the World

The world doesn’t stop: Full-time employment and touristic vacation make you believe it does. Here’s how to solve it, and overcome this tunnel vision.

Two worlds with the same misconception

The employment world sells the 40h week. When hours are reached (usually on the weekend), the world stops. The tourism world sells worry-free vacation for the typical tourist. Again, while in vacation, the world stops.

In fact, the world never stops. That’s why we need new models of tourism (traveling) and more people becoming self-employed business owners.

Solution 1: On Board

On Board offers one new model of tourism in which learning is in the center of traveling. In fact, traveling serves as the core-engine for learning. The 30-day program makes sure that you not only visit local people, communities and organizations of a foreign country but connect to all of those so that the discovery of a particular country also becomes a discovery of your self.

On Board Slovenia: From 1.-30. September 2015

This September 2015 a learning group of 15 people will be in Slovenia, a very central European country with a unique history and a rich diversity in landscape and living beings.

The 30-day journey includes food, accommodation, transportation (not the flight ticket), access to unique community visits, local home stays, group cooking, plenty of outdoor activities, workshops and masterclasses with hand-picked mentors and shared learning sessions with the people you travel with. All that for 2,500 USD.

Too much for you? They even offer a full (100%) scholarship. See below!

On Board in Slovenia offering a full scholarship. You travel for free! Photo: Dreamy Pixel

You basically arrive in Slovenia and dive for 30 days into an immersive travel-learn program that will make you fall in love with Slovenia — not only because “love” is in its name.

Learn more & apply:

Solution 2: ununi.TV

Another example is ununi.TV, a German-Austrian but world-wide unique “Crowd university for modern life” that heavily promotes new models of work and business.

ununi.TV: Crowd university for modern life

They are advocates for the development and modernization of your SME by applying internet technologies and existing for-free tools for team collaboration like Google Hangout.

ununi.TV FlowCampus: work-/learn-space — Image: ununi.TV

In their FlowCampus, which houses modern learn- and work-spaces, freelancers offer knowledge and lessons through affordable courses and other learning units.

In their blog and newsletter they share SME-relevant work and business content — mainly in German. They offer an internal community through which you can connect and exchange with like-minded creatives owning a business.

Learn more & join: ununi.TV

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This post is written by Alexander Kluge, Chief Media Editor of On Board, and originally appeared on the On Board Blog.

PS: We don’t benefit financially from promoting ununi.TV. We are just in love with it, so are we with On Board!