Temples, Tarantulas, and Floating Villages
I had dreamed of visiting Cambodia for years. So, when the day finally arrived to visit Angkor Wat, I feared that perhaps I had exaggerated the grandeur of the ancient city. But no…silly Mal. I had underestimated it. My mind simply could not prepare for my breath to be taken away.
Here she is…the breath-taking Angkor Wat.
Soaking in the magical of the moment.
Hut-cooked meals…and go-pro head cams...and cell phone photos…and feet.
Hammocks and tuk-tuks = my two favorites
Stone faces
Smiling faces
The open road ahead...

and yes…we did eat tarantulas. Gross. Watch more here:

Thanks to my adventure partners: Ryan Doyle (video) and Malu Veltze (photo)